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invisible theatre
actor perform in situations where the audience doesn't know it's seeing a prepared work.
performance art
write stage, perform by the same person. staging can take place anywhere. include guerrila, invisible theatre.
moscow art theatre
one of the most famous theatre run by stanislavsky
constantin stanislavsky
director who tend to play up the serious aspect fo the play.
stanislavsky "system"
most dominant acting technique
anton chekhov
playwright who uses everyday matter. part of realism movement where there's no villain, heros, no simple morals, anti climatic.
robert la Page
director and founder of the Ex Machina in quebec and stratford festival
location of RSC and royal nation theatre
location of theatre de soleil and the founder
france, by Ariane Mnouchkine
Augusto Boal
director of brazil (south america)
tadashi suzuki
avant garde director and theorists
"modern" dance drama in India.
wole soyinka
nigerian playwright (africa)
Christopher Marlowe
shakespeare's contemporary, served for King Edward II.
Tony Kushner's play
angels in America
Holly Hughes
World without ends, a play about gay and laesbian
miss saigon
controversy about a white character cast for an asian role
david henry hwang
asian american theatre
7-10 min small acts. actor wear sign around the neck to tell what/who the person plays.
teatro Campesino theatre
play the life of chicano in America
the founder of Teatro Campesino
Luis VAldez
susan-Lori parks
Top/Underdog. got Mccarthy fund
Juke box musical
the concept of taking well known collection of songs and mad e it into a musical
Edwin Forrest
a white american who made to look like a black actor.
stephen sondheim
a triple threat- composer, librettist, lyricist.
the first "book musical" has script, composer, and lyric
minstrel show
white dress up as black/color their skin to poke fun at other play
play entirely sung
a variety show
"straight theatre"
theatre without song and dance (unique to US and eruope)
larger than life acts where actions are more salient than words
richard rodgers and Hammerstein II.
contributor to the "Golden age" of the American Musical
"practical light"
any light controlled by an actor on stage
a list of how often the light changes
inserted to change the color of the light
light plot
show location of intruments and focus areas
control panels which allow intensity to be changed smoothly. sometiems control by the computer
gas lighting
introduced in London in 1803.
angust wilson
Fences. provides a view of the "black experience in teh 20th century"
between acts, method to keep the audience entertained while the stage scenery changes
an arch that separate the stage environment from the auditorium
Giacomo Torelli
developed Chariot and pole system. (scene changes become mechanized.)
perspective scenery
2D scenery that looks 3D from far away.
dark comedy
combine fears , death with comic elements
make fun sof something general
make fun of specific person or thing
physical comedy where the timing of entrances and exists are crucial
happy ideas
a crazy idea in the play that jump start the plot
misuse of words that are very similar to the actual word
play on words that sounds the same
slap stick
an actual device used to stimulate the sound of slapping but don't hurt
aristotle's quote about comedy
"painless deformity
origin word for comedy
modern tragedy
tragedy of "common man" not just heros
domestic and bourgeois drama
like modern tragedy but can have happy as well as serious sendings.
sensation scene
visual spectacle for an uneducated audience
hero, heroine, villain, over simplified morals
tragic character must make a mistake
hero drama
hero's death is seen as triumph, it doesn't have to end as badly as tragedy
traditional tragedy
character usually of high status, universe is indifferent or malevolent (ill will) to others
aristotle's poem described tragedy as:
fear, pity and suffering
commedia dell'art
Italy: character learn "line of business"
deus ex machine
unexpected, contrived ending
harold pinter's play
birthday party
sam shepard
true west
caryl churchill
top girl. focused on society exploitation of weak, traditional vs. comtemporay work, historiczation/anachronism( something occur at a time when it doesn't exist)
august wilson
athol fugard
master harold
"fourth wall"
imaginary barrier created by the procemium theatre