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How many North American's live in the city
3 to 4
________ is a good source of entertainment, sports, films, concerts
___________ shaped our economy and redefined urban life- brought more people to cities
industrial revolution
In the ___ and __ exodus of middle class businesses and industries brought decentralization and sometimes urban fiscal crisis
1950s and 60s
In ________ economic restructuring of cities brought us into a global economy
1980 ands 90s
lesser developed nations
least developed nations
3rd world
Cities serve as important roads to link
investment capital, human capital, industrial capital and commercial captial
Cities are controlled by four principles
decision-makiers control resources
conflicts over distributions of resources
Government play key role in affecting patterns and urban development
Influences of corporate
Urban life varies according to
time and place
Offer the promise of a better life could, but could become worst
In cities exists what is great and what is bad about the United States
Political freedom
Artistic vitality

Racial Prejudice
_______ who wrote Fuckey Towns
Funky towns:
simply alternative
Not "average"
do use characteristics that resist homogenization
Do look at certain characteristics and assign poin values to them
Sustainable Communties
value and respect culture difference
are livable communities
have a strong sense of place and civic pride
Measures of "fuckyness" taht touch on sustainable
cross cultural
independent politics
freeodm in the bedroom
pedestrian friendly
public hangouts
mixed-use zoning
City planning: Moenjo-Daro
The Indus River Vally
individual houses
largest in Indus River Valley
Archimedes Screw
simple mechanical device invented 3DC
cylinder inside of which a continuous screw, extends length of the cylinder and forms a spiral chamber
Mexican cities
ave of the dead
Mind Dynasty, peking- the forbidden city
walls and moted. sides of a compass
Model of Acropolis
patherion rises above all other buildings
French influence: wide blds, lined with trees and shosp
Why do we plan cities?
solve urban problems, glorify those in power, glorification of cultural values- religion, capitalism, communism
Industrial revolution planners
Ebenezer Howard, Patrick Geddes, Marrx, Weber, etc
The Beautiful city movement (world fair in chicago)
Daniel Burnham
"white city"
New Towns movement
Mark 1
Mark 2
Ebenezer Howard created the
garden city of tomorrow--circle, easy transportation
Patrick Geddes was part of the
compelx planning process
New towns in the USA phase 1
Greenbelt, MD
Greendale, WI
GreenHills, OH
New towns in the USA phase 2
Johnathan, MN
Radburn, NJ
Reston, Va
Columbia, MD
Irvine, CA
Utopia Unlimited Architechtural vision of
cities with massive blds surround by huge open spaces and equal densisties throughout
Utopia Unlimited Architectural vision of
cities agricultural areas among urban dewelling and low density
Utopia Unlimited Architectural vision of
cities of a few city blocks reasching 1/3 mile into sky with 1/2 million in each high rise structure
Jane Jacobs argued for
social interaction
August Heckscner argues
that squares provide natural central mtg and contibute to viatlity
Goldberger views
parks which provide county like feeling
Wright and whyte argue that
architecture and urban spaces are an importance source of city's flavor and excitement
_____- built
faneuil Hall, South Street, Inner Harbor
Problems with urban renewal
federal money used to clear inner cities of their older public housing and business builidngs
the result destruction of many historical buildings that give a community its character; ineffective to reviatlize cities
people moving out of the core of cities into the surround regions
result- businesses, retailers and campus like light industry follow a loss of services and tax base for the cities
Adaptive reuse
a way cities can revitalize their older building without destroying them
Local planning does _ take place in a vacuum
______-- is the product of their society so utopian visitions are unpopular
Canada had Alexandra Park this was a
modern planning approach
Future planning must merge two forces
planners desire to shape the future,
society's freedom of choose
Best planning practices blend _____ with _____...
good sociology with dramatic