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What are the 2 parts of the nervous system
what are the the 2 parts of the PNS?
WHats does the somatic control
controls voluntary muslces
what does autonomic control
involuntary muscles
what is the sympathetic control
arouses energy ( fight or flight)
WHat does the parsympathetic control
restores body to normal
What is the Pituitary gland?
Controls eveything
body growth
WHat is the Thyroid Gland?
control metabolism
WHat is the Pineal gland?
Control sleep wake cycle
WHat is the pancrease
controls insulin
what is the adrenal gland
autonomic nervous system
what is the gonads glands?
controls reproduction
What is hyperthyroidism?
overactive thyroid
what is hypothyroidism?
underactive thyroid
What is Acromegaly?
TOo much growth hormone too late in development
What are the 2 parts of the brain stem
What does the hindbrain contain?
Pons= coordinates right and left side of body
cerebellum- balance
recticular formation
medulla- vital function
What is the purpose of the midbrain?
Process visual and auditory info
contains substania nigra
What is the substania nirga?
Controls unconsious motor actions
What is the purpose of the frontal lobe?
voluntary muscle movement
impulse control/ speech
What does the parietal lobe do?
controls somatic sensation
What is the purpose of the occiptal lobe?
Proccess visual info
What is the purpose of the temporal lobe?
Processing auditory info
What are the parts of the Limibic System?
What does the thamlus control?
Relay station
all sensory but smell
what is the purpose of the hypothalamus?
regulates behavior essential to survival
eating drinking sleeping having sex
What the purpose of the hippocampus
learning and framing new memories
What is the Amygdala?
link between memory and emotion
ex. listening to a song
What does the left hempishere control?
Language speech reading writing
what does the right hempishere control?
face recongnization reading maps, drawing, musical ear