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Give the Definition of drug:
Any chemical agent which affects living cells...they do not create new processes but are meant to treat.
Define Drugs from the medical point of view:
They are used for the treatment, prevention and diagnoises of dieases.
Give the definition of Pharmacokentics:
studies how drugs might best enter the body

reach its sight of action

how it is removed
Give the definition of Pharmacology:
The study of how drugs work chemically in living organisms to produce certain biological effects.
Give a definition of Pharmacotherapuetics:
Studies how drugs work in prevention and treatment of disease
Give a definition of Pharmacodynamics:
Studies how drugs work physiologically and biochemically.
Give a definition of Phamacognosy:
Studies crude drugs derived from natural plant sources.
Definition of Toxicology:
Study of the harmful effects of drugs and poisons.
Give a definition of Pharmacy:
a place where drugs are prepared and dispensed.
Give some defining terms of the U.S.P.:
Standard for purity and strength

Drugs listed by official names

Descriptions includes, source, chemical properties and method of storage.

Published every 5 years with updates
prior to 1975 only single ingredient drugs listed.
Give some defining terms of the N.F.:
Prior to 1975 gave a broader listing than U.S.P. due to listing drugs with more than one ingredient.

Includes older remedies

Includes mixtures derived from plants

combined now with U.S.P. and not a good clinical use.
Give some defining terms of the P.D.R.
Published each year incorporating drug manufacturer information

Most widely used for health care professionals

arranged in five sections
List to official drug sources of information:
U.S.P. and N.F.
List three unofficial drug sources of information?
United states dispensary
Pharmacology textbooks
pharmacy journals
Identify the steps for FDA approval:
takes 12 years and 200 million dollars

Chemical evaluation

Toxicity testing in animals

Clinical studies:
Phase I
2.5 years testing healthy people
Phase II
2 years testing patients with disease
Phase III
2 years testing large groups in clinical trials