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1. Define definitive host
a host in which a parasite reproduces sexually/ cats in Toxoplasma gondii
Define intermediate host
a host in which asexual reproduction or larval development occurs
Define vector
Vector is a transmitting agent (mosquito is the vector for malaria transmissin to humans)
2. what are the key factos that would lead you to suspect that a prasite (rather than a viurs or baferium) was responsible for some GI illness?
1. potential for exposure (water sources and travel)
2. eosinophilia*-common in helminthic infections
3. prsence of parsite
4. larva
5. eggs in stools
6. blood
7. urine
8. tissue biopsy
9. increased IgE antibody levels-seen in worm infections
4. Cite 2-3 exmpes where insect vectors transmit parswitic orgnaims to humans
4. Malaria-mosquitos
5.ticks-lyme disease
5. What are the probably roles of IgE anitbody and eosinohpils in combingtg parasitic infections:
IgE cause mast cells to react to locialize the esoinohpls to the parasite to enhance the anti-parasitic function; Eosinophils attach paraistes via degranulation and release MBP
6. What's the difference b/n a trophoziotie and a cyst?
Trophozoite is the stage in which the parasite is metaboliically active and motile; cyst stage is when it tries to protect itself from the evnironment and is the most infective satge to humans b/c it can survive in feces
Example of a cyst form
/ cysts in Toxoplams gondii that are passed in cats feces; Entamoeba histolgyics (dysentery) ctyst in human feces contaiminate water
Examples of a trophozoite
in Schistomsoma mansoni (blood fluke)--miracidia hatch out of eggs and enter snail..development in smail release infectious cercariae
species where the parsite can survive and proflierate but not neceaarily cause disease (snail in blood lfuike)
Name 3 of 6 agents for paraiste infections
1. anti-malarils
2. atrovaquone-pneumonia and toxoplasma gondii
3. suflonamide & folate antagonists
Name other 3 of 6 agents for parasites
4. metronidozole-trich,ameboas,giardia
5.mebendazole,ablendaozole-worm infections
What are the key factors for preenting intestional infections?
improved santitaiton & hygiene