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Clinical Exam - Dr. Demirdji
What is the primary activity done at the clinical exam?
Collect relevant data, and establish communication with patient
What two things are more important than right or wrong treatment?
1 What the patient wants 2 What you can deliver
Name 5 factors regarding the patient health history that should be taken into consideration before ortho treatment.
1 Systemic problems 2 Tonsils/adenoids removed or present 3 Allergies 4 Trauma 5 Dental checkups
Why is it important that a patient not have adenoids/tonsils? Why is it important that a patient not have allergies?
Adenoids/tonsils - Infection all the time. Allergies - Infection all the time and mouth breathers always keep their tongues in the mandible and have crossbite due to narrow maxillary arch
For ortho, what are the only two times that a patient may need to be premedicated?
1 Banding 2 Removal of braces
What is the commonly accepted age for most orthodontists to check patients' need for treatment?
7 years old
What head and neck disorder should always be treated before ortho can be done?
TMJ dysfunction!
What does ALD stand for? How is it calculated?
Arch Length Discrepancy. Difference between arch MD width (M of 1st molars to opposite M of 1st molar) and tooth MD width
Crowding has a (-/+) ALD, while spacing has a (-/+) ALD.
Crowding = - Spacing = +
Name two things that may cause crowding. Name 3 things that may cause spacing.
Crowding: 1 Early loss of primary teeth 2 Supernumerary teeth. Spacing: 1 Small teeth 2 Missing teeth 3 Frenum
In ortho, what is measured in percentage (not mm), overbite or overjet?
Define the "Smile Line".
Relationship of the maxillary teeth to the lower lip line