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What is the general, overall purpose of the Gospel of Mark (as contrasted to the purpose of the Gospel of Matthew)?
The Kingdom of God is coming very soon and you must be ready for it every day. It is also to show that the full life of Jesus is to be understood through his death and resurrection. Matthew gives more direction to the church and advice on how to handle issues within the church. He is less focused on the "now" than Mark.
Define the term "Kingdom of God" as it is used in the Gospel of Mark.
The "Kingdom of God" in the Gospel of Mark is the return of Jesus and god's full rule on earth.
What is the meaning of the title "Son of Man" as it is found in the Gospel of Mark?
"Son of Man" means "Messiah." It also shows the fulfillment and completion of the promise to Abraham.
According to the Gospel of Mark, was Jesus the Messiah? Defend your answer.
It is proven through the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and Jesus' death and resurrection.
According the Gospel of Mark, how is one to gain an understanding of who Jesus really is?
His life must be looked at through His crucifixion and resurrection.
Explain the IMPORTANCE of the following often-repeated command by Jesus as it is found in the Gospel of Mark: "Be silent!"
To keep people from knowing that he is the Messiah and what is He is doing too early. The Romans would kill anyone who was considered or called themselves a Messiah because they were considered revolutionaries.
The Gospel of Mark frequently uses the term "immediately." What is the significance of the term for the Gospel?
It is to show that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming very soon and that you must be ready and that it could come in the next breath.
What is meant by the term "Messianic Secret" in relation to the Gospel of Mark? AND why is the secret in the Gospel of Mark?
It is trying to keep others from knowing that Jesus is the Messiah because it is important for people (especially the Romans) not to know too soon. He had to make sure everything was done at the right time.
Define the term "parable."
Parable is a story used to help discover, reveal. All things in the story are unalike in every way except for one. It is open-ended and leaves the listener to figure out the true meaning for himself.
Explain the point of the following parable (Mark 4:30-31)
"With what can we compare the Kingdom of God; or what parable shall we use for it? It is like a mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground is the smallest of all the seeds on earth; yet when it is sown ir grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs, and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade."
This parable is showing that the Kingdom of God may seem small and insignificant but that it could be magnificent.
The following report of miracles is an example of what the Gospel of Mark wants the reader to understand about the miracles of Jesus. What is it he wants the reader to understand about the miracles? (FUNCTION OF MIRACLES in Mark)
"And he healed many that were sick with various diseases; and cast out many demons..."
The function of the Miracles in Mark is to show that Jesus is the Messiah because scripture is being fulfilled through Jesus' life and the miracles he is doing.
The oldest and most reliable copies of the Gospel of Mark end the account of the resurrection with the women not telling anyone anything about the events at the empty tomb. Explain this fact as if it were a part of the theological urgency of the Gospel of Mark.
It raises the expectations since the women did not reveal anything.
What is the TRANSLATION of the Greek term "logos" which is used in the Gospel of John?
What is the MEANING of the term "logos" as it is used in the Gospel of John?
The meaning of logos is the name of the creator (God). God was in the beginning, and creator was with God, and the creator was God.
The following verse from John is understood to refer to the birth of Jesus. In what way is Logos applied to Jesus (i.e. how is Jesus also Logos)?
- "And the LOGOS became flesh and dwelt among us..."
That the Creator (God) became flesh (Jesus) and now Jesus creates and gives life.
What is meant by the term "incarnation"?
Incarnation means God became 100% human.
Define the term "doxa" as the Gospel of John uses it AND tell of ITS SIGNIFICANCE for the Gospel of John.
Doxa refers to the glory of God, which is the visible display of the power of God on earth. It is important in the Gospel of John because the author shows that all the benefits of the Kingdom of Heaven is here now and that the evil one of the world has been defeated - Satan.
Using the following passage from the Gospel of John, describe the OVERALL PURPOSE of the Gospel.
- "Now Jesus did many other signs...which are not written in this book; but htese are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name."
The purpose of the Gospel of John shown through this passage is that anyone who believes in Jesus has life here and now and that all the benefits of the Kingdom of Heaven, including salvation, can be received now.
DEFINE the term "sign" as the Gospel of John uses it, INCLUDING THE MEANING of the term.
Sign in the Gospel of John is to show how Jesus has fulfilled the Old Testament scriptures and that the Kingdom is coming to completion. The signs are not just miracles; they explain the meaning of Jesus' life.
In the first sign - the changing of the water to wine - Jesus has a conversation with his mother which is difficult to understand. By using this conversation explain the meaning of the first sign.
- "On the third day there was a marraige at Cana...When the wine gave out, the mother of Jesus said to him, 'They have no wine.' And Jesus said to her, "Woman, what concern is that to you and to me? My hour has not yet come..."
Jesus tells his mother that his "hour has not yet come." He is saying that it is not yet time for him to shed his blood on the cross. Because the wine represents Jesus' blood and how he cleanses us through his death.
Define the term Docetism, as it relates to the study of the Gospel of John.
Docetism is the idea that Jesus only appeared to be human. He was not fully human and fully God.
What is the literary relationship of the Gospel of John to the Synoptics?
The Gospel of John was written to compliment the Synoptics, not to prove them wrong.
Name two major differences between the Gospel of John and the Synoptics.
In the Gospel of John, Jesus spent more time in Judea, and there were 3 passovers during Jesus' time. In the Synoptics, the location was different and there was only one passover.
In the Gospel of John, who is Lazarus?
Lazarus is a friend of Jesus. He died and Jesus brought him back to life. He represents the universal man and how through Jesus we are resurrected.
What were the "mystery cults"? What did the mystery cults promise to followers?
The mystery cults were the mystery religions often of the Roman soldiers. The mystery religions promised that they would be removed from this world and all the troubles of it.
What about Greek philosophy (for example, Stoicism) was a danger to the early Christian movement?
Greek philosophy was a danger to early Christians because stoicism believed that virtue was the only good. That virtue good is only to be received by what you do for yourself. Christians believe that we cannot recieve our good by ourselves but only by God and his gift to us.
Define the term Pax Romana; how does this apply to the study of the events described in the New Testament?
Pax Romana stands for the Peace of Rome that occured during some of the New Testament times. Because of this Hellenism occured a lot during that time.
To what does the phrase "emperor worship" refer? And why was it important to the rulers of the Roman Empire?
Emperor worship refers to the one giving and declaring all loyalty to the emperor of Rome. It was used to unite all the people under Roman rule for the emperor.
What is Paul's Hebrew name?
Jesus was killed in 33 A.D. (approximately); Paul never met Him before His crucifixion. Why, then, did Paul call himself an "apostle" of Jesus?
Paul called himself an apostle of Jesus because Paul met the resurrected Jesus face to face through a revelation and Jesus spoke directly to him.
When Paul became a follower of Christ, a Christian, he did so by means of a "revelation." What was the content of the "revelation"?
The revelation was a face to face meeting with the resurrected Jesus where Jesus spoke to him and instructed Paul to follow Him.
What is a "Gentile"?
A Gentile is anyone who is not born of the Jewish people.
What is the structure of an epistle written by Paul? Why has study of the structure of the letters of Paul emphasized the so-called thanksgiving section?
Structure of the epistle
1) salutation
2) thanksgiving/prayer
3) body
4) doxology

The thanksgiving section shows the content for which Paul is writing and the reasons why.
The purpose of the Gospel of John
- Selected 7 signs so that you might believe and have life.
- Really addressing the church, talking to people who already believe, trying to explain the meaning of belief.
- thought that only by believing you have eternal life; otherwise you cannot assume you have it.
Cleansing of the Temple
identifies Himself as the New Temple.
instructions for Christian to act as servants.
Define "paraclete" and what Jesus was referring to.
Paraclete is an advocate or a helper. He was referring to the presence of Jesus while He is absent; the Holy Spirit.