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Who formallized the system of reflexology?
Eunice Ingham
Who wrote the book "Healing Massage Techniques"?
The massage scandals of 1894:
Exposed an inconsistent system of education
Masser means:
to knead
The intention of touch therapy can be classified as:
both mechanical and expressive
Who is given credit for bringing massage to the scientific community?
Manual medicine has grown to become the foundation of:
osteopathy, chiropractic, physical therapy
Which culture originated tuina?
Who began using massage for joint stiffness and wound healing after surgery?
In what year was the national certification exam for theraputic massage and bodywork created?
The art of massage was first mentioned in writing:
2000 B.C.
A practicioners knowledge base and the practice perimeters of a profession determine:
scope of practice
Would approaching & talking to a client in a restaurant be a violation of confidentiality?
Conflict arises from factors such as:
a varied perspective, differing belief systems & values, differing interests
Professionalism is defined as:
adherance to professional status, methods, standards & character