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din and dayn
din - repayment
dayn - debt
1st Surah
In the name of God, the Benificent, the Merciful,
All praise is due to God, the Lord of the Worlds,
The Beneficent, the Merciful,
Thee do we praise and Thee do we beseech for help,
Keep us on the right path,
The path of those upon whom thou hast bestowed favors,
Not the path of those upon whom thy wrath has come down,
Nor those who have gone astray.
Satanic Verses
Have you considered al-Lat, al Uzza, and Manat? The third the other? These are the Swans exalted whose intercession is to be hoped for.
Retraction to Satanic Verses
Have you thought on al-Lat, al Uzza, and on Manat, the third other? Are you to have the sons and He the daughters? This is indeed an unfair distinction.
Reasons for Muhammad to have said Satanic Verses
Political - Opens up availability of transcendental critique to others

Religious - Makes a place for the pagan gods that the Quraysh worship.
Reason for retracting the Satanic Verses
"There is no god but God" is the center of Islam. Denying this is the one unforgivable sin.
5 Pillars
(Hor & Ver Sig)
Saying "there is no god but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God".

Vertical: Speech act embodying submission to one God.

Horiz: All Muslims must say the Shahadah, and so there is social significance.
(Hor & Ver Sig)
Prayer or Blessing

Vertical: Constant reminder of one's debt and submission to God, constantly throughout the day.

Horizontal: All Muslims pray at same time in same direction; large community building aspect.
Five Prayer Times
Before dawn
Salat Major Ablution
Wash whole body after sex, menstruation, child birth, touching corpse.
Salat Minor Ablution
Wash hands, mouth, nose, forearms, face, head, ears and feet after using the toilet, sleeping, etc.
Call people to prayer.
(Hor & Ver Sig)
Alms Tax - Percentage of one's belongings one must pay to the needy. Usually 2.5 - 10%.

Horizontal: Social aspect is obvious.
Vertical: A recognition that anything one owns is first God's. There is no wealth but God's wealth.
(Hor & Ver Sig)
Pilgrimage to Mecca.
Greater Hajj
Perform ablutions outside Mecca, then wear Ihram (white cloth), proclaim intention to carry out pilgrimage, circle Kaaba seven times counter-clockwise in Tawaf.
Lesser Hajj
Travel to plain of Arafat and pray from noon to sundown, or to the hill of Arafat.
Fasting during Ramadan
(hor and ver sig)
Refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activities during daylight hours. Also heightened attention to those things normally forbidden.

Vertical: One's action during a fast is only answerable to God.
Horizontal: Strong social component through upsetting of patterns of daily life. People come together for meals after sundown.
Islamic Law, path to salvation
Sources for Shariah
1) Revelation
2) Reason
3) Analogy
4) Consensus
Schools of Shariah
1) Hanafi
2) Maliki
3) Hanbali
4) Shafi 820
5) Jaafari (Shia Muslims)
Made Muhammad infallible.
Law-making Ceased
Legal decision by scholar of Islamic Law. (Ulama)
5 Categories of Shariah
1) Required
2) Recommended
3) Neutral
4) Reprehensible
5) Forbidden