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The total collect of interlinked Web pages that reside on HTTP servers all around the world
World Wide Web
The set of codes in a text file that instruct a computer how to format files on a video display such as your screen, or how to index and link its contents.
Markup language
Codes that identify how an element such as text or a graphic should be displayed in a Web page.
a collection of individual web pages.
Web site
Software that interprets HTML / XHTML and any associated files, such as images or sound files, and then displays the web page in a format people can understand
Web browser
a unique address for each web site that contains the procol, server name, and operational path to specific documents or files.
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
a program that allows you to write HTML / XHTML code and then save the document in a format that we web browser can interpret.
Text editor
an element that contains no content
the code that creates hotisontal rule across the web page
<hr />
a note that you include in your code that does not display in web browsers
a tag that is no longer supported in the newest standards recommended by the W3C
the element that defines the beginning and the end of the XHTML document
the element that indicates the area in which information about the entire document, such as the title is contained
the element that contains the content to be displayed on the web page
the main page of your web site and the page that web browsers display when visitors type your url
home page
a doc on the web that consists of an HTML / XHTML file and any associated files is know as a web_____
to move fro one web page to another location, click the underlined text or _________
the original lang used to format web pages is ______
the markup language that incorporates HTML tags and XML syntax is _____
the keyboard shortcut for the refresh command is _______
the process of locating and correcting syntax errors in a program is known as _____
special instructions that are surrounded by angle brackets and that define the structure of a document are know as ______
the quickly switch between programs in windows, press _____ + ______
the required elements for a web page include html, head, title, and ______
the part of the code that further defines a tag and includes an optional value is the ______
a hard return will display in the XHTML document when viewed in a text editor, but will not display when read by the _________
Web browser or browser
a more lenient DTD that identifies what standard the doc will follow is the ______ DTD
home pages are most often named _____ or ______
homepage.htm or default.htm
the org design in which visitors progress through the web site content by using a single, redetermined path is _____ design
the org design in which visitors progress through the web site using different paths is known as ______ design