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train in basic emergency care skills: automated exteranl defib, use of airway, asst. w/certain meds.
Intermediate-train in spec. aspects of ALS: IV, cardio monitoring
Paramedic-extensive train in ALS, IV, pharmacology, cardio monitor, advanced assess/treatment skills
Avanced Life Support
Three Categories of EMT Training
1.Care of life-threatening cond.
2.Non-life threatening
3. ability to provide emergency care
Life threatening conditions
>Size up scene and situation
>Ensure scene is safe
>Perform init. assess of pt.
>Obtain history of episode/pert med. history
>Identify life-threat injury/cond
>estab/maintain open airway
>provide adeq. ventilation
>Provide O2
>Peform CPR
>Perform AED
>control extern. bleed
>Recognize/treat shock
>Care for pt./acute
>assist in med. admin.
>package pt. for transport
>Heavy/frequent lifting
Non-Life threatening conditions
>Identify pts.-spinal precactions/immobolize
>dress/bandage wounds
>spint injured extrem.
>care for burns
>care for poisoning
>deliver a baby
>assess/carefor newborn
>Manage pts. with beh/psy prob.
>Cope w/psych. stress on pts., families, fellow EMT, yourself
Ability to provide
>Understand role of EMT-B
>Understanding service proto/orders from med. direct.
>Understanding ethical/medicolegal prob.
>emergency vehicle and defensive driv.
>using equip on ambulance
>checking/stocking ambulance
>commut. w/pts-others @ scene
>Using radio/cell phone to commun. w/dispatch,med. dir.
>precise pt. radio report & obtain direct med. dir.
>work w/other respond @ crash scene
>coop w/operations @ special rescue/mass casual. & hazerdous mat. icindent.
National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. (Act '66) of DOT
First Responders
arrive @ scene before EMTs
Components of EMS
Adm. & Policy
Medical Direction & Control
Quality Control & Improvement
Other Physical Input
Emergency Medical Dispatch
Primary Service Area
Continious Quality Improvement
Coordination Continuum of Care
>1st phase: EMS-patient care
>2nd phase: pt. assess, prehosp care, proper packaging and safe transport
>3rd phase: continued assess & stab. in ER
>4 pt. receives necessary definitive specialized care
medical control
Physician inst. given by radio/cell phone
medical director
physician who authorizes/delegates to EMT
quality control
responsiblity of medical director