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Bl 1
Inner canthus of eye
Bl 13-15
1.5 cun lateral to governing vessel; Between spinous processes of T3-T6
Bl 18-23
1.5 cun lateral to governing vessel; betw spinous processes T9-L2
Bl 27-28
At level of 1st & 2nd sacral foramen; sloping edge of sacrum
Bl 25
1.5 cun lat to governing vessel; betw spinous processes L4&L5 (level w/ iliac crest)
Bl 31-34
1st-4th sacral foramen
Bl 36
middle of gluteal fold
Bl 40
center of back of knee
Bl 57
bottom of swell of gastroc
Bl 60
lateral dog bite
Bl 67
lateral small toe
Liv 1
lateral big toe
Liv 3
betw 1st & 2nd toe, 2 cun proximal to web
Liv 4
high point of med malleolus, betw malleolus and tendon of tib ant
Liv 8
medial side of knee
Liv 13
Free end of 11th rib
Liv 14
6th intercostal space, directly below nipple
SP 1
medial big toe
SP 5
depression distal and inferior to medial malleolus
SP 6
"meeting of 3 yin", 3 cun above highest pt of medial malleolus
SP 9
distal border of medial condyle of tibia
SP 21
thumb into sides of ribs
TE 1
ulnar ring finger
TE 3
between 4th and 5th metacarpals
TE 4
back of wrist
TE 10
back of elbow, 1 cun posterior and superior to olecranon
TE 14
posterior of 2 depressions at the border of acromiohumeral junction
TE 23
lat to eyebrow
PC 1
lateral to nipple
PC 3
middle of elbow crease
SI 1
ulnar pinky
SI 3
webbing between pinky and ring finger
SI 4
ulnar wrist (back of
SI 8
back of elbow, ulnar side
SI 19
next to ear
HT 3
ulanr elbow
HT 7
ulnar wrist
HT 9
radial pinky
LU 5
radial elbow
LU 9
radial wrist
LU 11
radial thumb
LI 1
radial index
LI 4
webbing by thumb
LI 5
back of radial wrist
LI 10
back of arm, distal to elbow
LI 11
radial elbow, back
LI 15
tip of shoulder
LI 20
nasolabial groove
KI 2
arch of foot
KI 3
medial dog bite
KI 7
2 cun above KI 3
KI 10
behind LR 8, at medial knee
KI 27
1st intercostal space, fairly medial
ST 1
under eye
ST 9
by adam's apple
ST 12
above clavicle, lateral to ST 9
ST 17
ST 25
lateral to belly button
ST 41
center of front of ankle crease
ST 45
lateral 2nd toe
GB 1
outer canthus of eye
GB 12
behind ear
GB 14
above eyebrow
GB 20
GB 21
highest pt of shoulder, betw spinous of C7 and lateral edge of acromion
GB 24
7th intercostal space, in line with nipple (1 space below LV 14)
GB 34
anterior and inferior to head of fibula
GB 40
ant and inf to lateral malleolus
GB 44
lateral side of 4th toe