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A person who unconsciously exhibits overly nice behavior to conceal hostile feelings is probably using which defense mechanism?
Reaction Formation
Resolution of Oedipal conflicts and sex-role identity is a crucial function of the:
Phallic Stage
Transference is viewed as:
(a) the core of the psychoanalytic process &
(b) a means to uncover unfinished business from past relationships
Adler believed that human behavior is:
(b) motivated by social urges &
(c) purposeful and goal directed
The Adlerian therapist attempts to view the world:
From the Client's Frame of Reference
Adlerian therapists ask for the client's earliest memories in order to:
discover goals and motivations, reveal their beliefs and basic mistakes and give clues as to the development of that individual's lifestyle (all)
The topographic model proposed by Freud examined:
the organization of consciousness
The structural model proposed by Freud examined:
the organization of the mental systems; id, ego, superego
For Jung, the anima is part of an archetype that represents:
the feminine
the economic model proposed by Freud examined:
a role of instincts/drives as they determine behavior
The Jungian concept of the "shadow" refers to:
a denied aspect of the personality
According to the existentialist viewpoint, death:
gives significance to living
Philosophically, the existentialists would agree that:
the final decisions and choices rest with the client, people redefine themselves by their choices, a person can go beyond early conditioning, and making choices can create anxiety (all)
According to existential theory, freedom comes from:
Miltwelt refers to our relationship to:
Eigenwelt refers to our relationship to:
Our Self
Umwelt refers to our relationship to:
The World
Psychoanalytic therapy strives to effect cure by:
making the unconscious conscious & providing a corrective emotional experience
According to existential theory:
meaning is created by a person for his/her self
Which of the following constitutes the concept of "mind"?
thinking, feeling, behaving, time (all)
The ethics of the mental health professions expect that:
evidence-based practices should be considered for therapy
Because of the potential for therapists to have influence over their patients' decisions regarding obtaining services, it is important that:
informed consent always be sought & clear expectations and potential risks need to be explored from the onset
Which of the following is NOT an application of psychoanalysis?
a theory of the mind, a method of inquiry into the humanities, a theory of personality, and a method of treatment are ALL VALID APPLICATIONS OF PSYCHOANALYSIS
Existential theory underscores the fact that:
we are all ultimately alone
Telling a couple who says that they cannot help but fight every night to go home and have a fight would be an example of:
Paradoxical Intention
Asking "If you were to wake up tomorrow and your problems were all gone" is an example of:
Miracle Question
The Power of Will
Attitudes of Personality
The cornerstone of trust in a psychotherapy relationship centers around:
Which of the following has not been found to be an important quality in an effective psychotherapist?
Psychotherpies typically attempt to foster healing through:
reparation of painful emotional experience, reorganization of memories and thoughts, preventative education (ALL)
The developwer of the Word Association test was: