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What software enables the coputer to perform essintial operating tasks?
System Software
What is the term for programs designed to perform specific tasks for the users?
application software
What is the activity in which a computer works on more than one process at a time?
What is the scattering of portions of files about the disk in nonadjacent areas, thus greatly slowing access to the files?
Windows and Mac OS are generally used on what type of computer?
Apple Macintosh
What is the process of loading an operating system into a computer's main memory?
A(n)_______ is a utility that will find all the scatered files on your hard disk and reorganize them as contiguous files?
disk defragmenter
What is the component of a system software that comprises the master system of programs that manage the basic operations of the computer?
operating system
What is the user-controllable display screen that allows you to communicate, or interact, with your computer?
user interface
Disk scanner and disk cleanup utilities detect and correct certain types of common problems on hard disks, such as removing unnecesssary files called______ files that are created by windows only for short tasks and system restore after system problems.
OSs allow users to control access to their computers via use of what two things?
user ID pswd
Software or hardware that is ______ means that it is privately owned and controlled by a company.
Linus is what type of software? (meaning any programer can download it from the internet for free and modify it w/suggested improvements.
What kind of software allows you to create and edit documents?
word processing software
What is the activity of moving upward or downward through the text or other screen display?