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During embryonic development, what cells create the central nervous system?
Ectodermal Cells
Slimmer from “Ghostbusters” was made of “ectoplasma”.
Axons are isolated by specialized cells that form lipid blankets, what are the names of the lipid blankets and specialized cells?
Glial Cells and a Myelin Sheath
My blanket is my shield; it covers me with glee.
What connects the internal carotide arteries, the middle & posterior cerebral arteries?
Posterior Communicating Artery
Please Call ASAP
The point at which sensory paths cross in brain stem.
Decussation of pyramids
The reason why the left controls your right.
What are two causes of cerebral vascular dsorders.
Embolism & Thrombosis
One is a blood clot that has traveled from one part of the body to the other; & the other is a clot that forms in the blood vessel.
What type of headache is associated with pschological stress, occurs continuously, but does not have a physiological explanation?
Post Traumatic Headache
Veterans may often suffer from this type of headache.
Damage to this part of the brain may cause problems with movement & balance, and is often overlooked since very little cognative properties have been associated with this area.
Hind brain. May mimic intoxication.
An large cerebrallar infarction resulting in compression of the 4th ventrical can cause what neuralogical disorder?
Water in the brain.
Lesions confined to the cerebrallar vermis affecting primarily the medial motor system, causing an unsteady gate, is a condition known as _______ ________.
Truncal Ataxia
One can't move very well in a trunk.
What part Levodopa can not cross the blood-brain barrier?
This is a decarboxylase inhibiter that inhibits the break down Levodopa.