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method call
messages sent to tell one of an object's methods to perform its task
instance variables
attributes of the class are specified by the classs's instance variables
access modifier
declares weather class/property is public or private
extensible language
programmers can declare new class types as needed
object creation expression
ie New GradeBook(), the operator New creates a new object of the class specified to the right of the keyword
a special type of method that is used only when an object is created to initialize the object's data
UML class diagram
diagram where each class is modeled as a rectange with three compartments; name of class, attributes, operations
type of variable used for strings in VB such as names addresses, etc.
local variables
variables declared in the body of a particular method; can be used only in that method
instance variables
declared inside a class declaration, but outside the bodies of the class's other members (methods, properties)
contained within properties of classes, are able to handle the details of returning and modifying data; ie Get...Set
Get accessor
Return statement
End Get
Set accessor
Set(ByVal value as String)
variable = value
End Set
data validation
capabilities that scrutinize attempts to modify the instance variables's value to ensure that the value it recieves represents a vali time
value types
ie Integer, decimal, currency, etc.
reference types
contains the memory address where the data referred to by that variable is stored