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RQ11-8 Identify and describe the major techniques for motivating employees.
1. MBO 2. Job enrichment
3. Behavior Modification
4. Flex time
5. Part time work and job sharing
6. Telecommuting
7. Employee empowerment
8. Self managed work teams
9. Employee ownership
RQ11-9 Describe the steps involved in the MBO process. Management by Objective
An MBO program clarifies the roles employees are expected to play in reaching the organizations goals and allows employees to participate in goal setting performance evaluation.
1. Program endorsed by top management.
2. Preliminary goals established by management
3. Goals established between manager and subordinates, and require resource determined.
4. Progress reviewed and goals modified if necessary.
5. Results evaluated.
RQ11-10 What are the objectives of MBO? What do you think might be its disadvantages?
Clarify the role employees play in reaching the organizations goals and to allow them to participate in goal setting and in performance evaluation, thus increasing their motivation.
Time it takes
Lot of money
Lot of paperwork
RQ11-11 How does employee participation increase motivation?
They develop a sense of commitment and involvement when employees are listened to and are told where the company is going. Employee participation enhances motivation.
RQ11-12 Describe the steps in the process of behavior modification.
1. Identify the target behavior
2. Measure the behavior
3. Provide positive reinforcement
4. Measure the behavior again
1. Which of the personal needs in Maslow’s hierarchy do mentors and new employees fulfill through Wheelworks mentoring program?
When mentors praise employees it satisfies employees esteem needs and gives them a sense of accomplishment and worth. Mentor relationship helps satisfy social needs of mentors and employee because they have a sense of belonging.
3. Why would Wheelworks employees be motivated by striving to meet professional development goals as well as sales goals?
Sales goals are important, however, meeting development goals benefits individual employees development = learning about the bicycles they are motivated for personal growth reasons.