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scholastic elaborations on the teaching of the buddha; one of the principal divisions of the buddhist cannon.

or - a set of books regarded as 'the word of the buddha' as well as the system of thought behind them.

theoretical counterpart to what you feel while meditating.
surat, monet
highest knowledge (through meditation)
one of the two teachers of a novice monk
Grouping of sutras in the Sutra Pitaka sections of the chinese canon. oldest and most accurating grouping of scriptures.
the monk that convinced the buddha to allow ordained women in the monestary as nuns
the doctrine that there is no real, permanent, unchanging self within individuals.
The Doctrine of Impermanence, along with anatman and dukkha, are the three characteristics of existence.
one who has obtained enlightenment and is no longer subject to death and rebirth; a buddhist saint.
the kind of the violent empire in 3rd century CE who adopted buddhism as his state religion.
the illusion of life provided by the senses
the self, the ego, the eternal core of personality that survives after death and that transmigrates to a new life or is released from the bonds of existence.
Aung San Suu Kyi
developed National League of Democracy, placed under house arrest since 1990. NLD was elected but SLORC remained in power. she is buddhist, the monks are displaying the flag of buddhism, have displayed begging bowls turned upside down as a symbolic refusal og governments support. Wont let rest of the country gain merit.
a text extolling the rewards of worshipping the buddha. acts of devotion towards buddha. Example: the buddha laid down his hair to prevent present buddha from stepping in the mud.
ignorance, the root cause of suffering (dukha). (particularly of the 4 truths). Part of the 12 nadannas, which are the preconditions of codependant arising.
a buddhist monk
a buddhist nun
the pose in which Buddha calls the earth to witness his enlightenment (one hand is touching the earth).
boomy at the spar with your mudra
mudra is the hand gesture he used to call witness.
awakening, comprehension of the nature of conditioned reality and the direct experience of the unconditioned.
one who will achieve enlightenment in the future but focuses his energy on helping others understand the Dharma while waiting. Buddha Gautama pre-enlightenment.
the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. The particular tree of bodygha, northern india and all other trees of the same species.
a priest of the aryan religion, highest on the hindu cast system.
he is the awakened one. technically three kinds..

self-awakened teaching buddhas
pratyeka buddhas
private buddhas who gain awakening but are unable to formulate teachings to share the path...
a great king who rules the world according to the dharma. Must bear some of the same markings as buddha. just because they are a cakra does not mean they can be a buddha.
communal way of living for monks and nuns!
a buddhist scripture, sometimes translated as the pth of the dharma.
dharma vs. Dharma
dharmas are the basic constituents of all phenomenon in the conditioned realm, or everything. Dharma is the 'path' or the teaching of the Buddha, or quite simply all little dharmas put together.
suffering. one of the common characteristics of all conditioned reality. First noble truth.
Eightfold noble path
right views, right intention, right effort, right action, right livelihood, right speech, right mindfulness, right meditation.
Vegemite Is Especially Awful Like Swedish Mince Meat
the eightfold path again. views, intention, effort, action, livelihood, speech, mindfulness, meditation.
a hermit in ascetic solitude.
The Four Noble Truths
there is suffering. there is a reason for this suffering. there is a cessation from this suffering. the way is the eightfold path.
there is S. There is an R for S. There is a C from this S. The W is the 8.
a region of the ancient buddhist world in which icons show more greco-roman influence and are made from limestone and shist. More isolated from images of the buddha, perhaps why.
a pejorative, really, meaning "the lesser vehicle"
any ritual in which making offerings to the fire is the primary action
a story of the past life, or of birth, often of the buddha.
a great length of time within buddhist cosmology. Defines how long the universe exists.
the king kanishka of the ghandara empire who put the buddha on one side and himself on the other. representing a clash of cultures as well as expressing his own buddhism, as evidenced by his willingness to accept other deities.
a woman who lost her child is told to go seek the buddhas help. He says that he will revive the child if she can retrieve mustard seeds from a house that has not experienced death. She cannot, as death is a part of all of our lives.
literally 'the great vehicle" and one of the principal divisions of Buddhism.
the first woman to request ordanation from the buddha to join the sangha. also the buddhas aunt and caretaker.
on of the disciples of the buddha who convened and directed the first council.
destroyer and tempter. Personification of evil or attachment to conditioned reality. the god of desire and death. tried to get the buddha to refuse the path of enlightenment, exists to do so for all beings.
region in ancient buddha world where icons do not show much foreign influence
one of the buddhas closest disciples. Most accomplished. Could read minds and transport his body into different realms of existence.
punya. merit accumulates as a result of good deeds and thoughts. Get it through giving, virtue and mental development. Merit to the stuppa or the monks. Giving food for the monks if you have extra for your family. General ethical conduct.
merrit pun, ya?
Milinda (king menander)
The king in the indo-greek region taught by nagacena to embrace buddhist faith. first westerner documented? maybs.
you nice lady to learn buddhism, milinda.
snake or snake-like supernatural being often associated with water. Capable of assuming human form.
sage who answered questions about buddhism by menander.
compound of "name" and "form". referring to the constituent process of each human being. The physical converging with the psychological.
The only thing that is permanent. Enlightenment, cessation of samsara.
one who is in their last life before attaining nirvana.
the second step on the path to enlightenment; somebody with only one more birth before attaining enlightenment.
the rules of explusion from the sangha.

- no sexual intercourse. stealing, condoning any form of death on a living being,
-lying about mental state.
the kap for sang
absolute truth as opposed to conventional. the 10 perfections.
the 10 perfections, characterizing the life of boddhisattva.
the final nirvana occuring after the death of the buddha after which their is no rebirth.
one of the paramitas, or ten perfections, meaning wisdom and understanding of the true nature of reality.
the list of rules governing monastic life, formally asserted every two weeks.
meditative concentration
calm. mediating to calm the mind as opposed to meditating to gain answers.
the process of death and rebirth characterized by suffering
any community within the buddhist culture. monks and nuns.
morality. The upholding of buddhist precepts, the parjamitas. one of the ten eprfections.
six realms of rebirth
all possibilities, good and bad, of life in samsara. They include rebirth as a deva an asure, a human being, an animal, a hungry ghost, or a being in niaraka (hell)
Damn, Horny Angels Hit Good Balls in Hell

devil an asurra, Human, Animals, Hungry Ghost, Being (in hell)
six sense organs

ever notice soupy eggs taste milky?
eyes nose skin ears tongue mind
ever notice soupy eggs taste milky?
the five aggregates that constitute what is usually thought of as the individual self.

Form, feelings, perceptions, kharmic constituents and consciousness.
forget feeding poodles, kill and catch cats?

form, feeling, perceptions, karmic constituents and consciousness.
religious ascetic
a monument containing the relic of the buddha
Three Jewels
That which makes up buddhism: Big Daddy Staplers

(buddha, Dharma, Sangha)
Big daddy staplers

buddha Dharma Sangha
Three Marks of Conditioned Existence
anatman (no self)
anitya (impermanence)
dukha (suffering)
always ask dad.
code of
Tusita Heaven
Mytrea is here. Six deva worlds. It is reachable by meditation The heaven where the boddisattva svetaku resided before being reborn on earth as gautama, the historical buddha.
Twelve Nidana
Preconditions of dependant coarising.

aging, dying, birth, becoming, clinging, craving, feelings, contact, 6th sense, name and form, consciousness, fabrications/actions/karma, ignorance
the prince that gave away the elephant, the children, wife, self-sacrifice of everything.