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Frankpledge system
In old English law, a system whereby the members of a tithing had corporate responsibility for the behavior of all members over fourteen years old.
In English history, a system of ten families who had responsibility for the behavior of members over the age of fourteen. Tithings were important in protecting the group from outsiders, too.
In English law, a combination of ten tithings as part of the frankpledge system.
An officer of a municipal corporation who has duties similar to those of a sheriff, such as preserving the public peace, executing papers from the court, and maintaining the custody of juries.
The chief law enforcement officer in a county, usually chosen by popular election.
watch system
A system charged with the duties of overseeing, patrolling, or guarding an area or a person. Watchmen were prominent in the early watch system of policing.
A judge from the lower courts of the state or federal court system. Usually magistrates preside over arraignments, preliminary hearings, bail hearings, and minor offenses.
Bow Street Runners
The mid-eighteenth-century London system that gave police the powers of investigation and arrest to constables who were given some training and paid a portion of the fines in successfully prosecuted cases.
The rural police system in which the sheriff may call into action any number of citizens over a certain age if they are needed to assist in law enforcement.
Molly Maguires
A powerful secret police organization in the 1870s in Pennsylvania.
A world police organization that was established for the purpose of cooperation among nations involved in common policing problems.
private security forces
Persons employed by private agencies instead of governmental ones to provide security from criminal activity.