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Measurement Most Accurate
-S&P 500 well established more companies
Equity Investment
1. Owners of property
2. Dividend maybe paid
3. Young and Middle
4. Rish unknown high
ex. mutual funds and stock
3 Classifications of Stock
Speculative- risk high young people New Corp. tech/computer
Growth-young & middle well established blue chip rish med/low
Income- old/retired dividends high
3 Exchanges
-NY Stock New York
-American Stock Exchange NY
-NASDAQ on computer
Debt Investment
1. Loan money corp. or govern.
2. Interest must be paid
3. Risk very low
4. Elderly and ritred
ex. bank savings and municpal bond
Measurement Most used
-Dow Jones Industrial Average
3 Measurements of the Stock Market
-Dow Jones (DJIA) 30 corp.75 years
-NASDAQ technology and internet companies risk high
-S&P 500 well established corp