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Rudimentary (adj.)
Basic, simple, introductory; beginning
Gregarious (adj.)
Social, outgoing, talkative
Incorrigible (adj.)
Unable to be corrected or improved
Succumb (v.)
To give in, yield, be overwhelmeed, die
Amicable (adj.)
Pleasant, friendly, nonthreatening
Castigate (v.)
To criticize severely, sometimes to punish
Recalcitrant (adj.)
Stubbornly defiant, unwilling to cooperate
Precipitous (adj.)
Sudden, very steep
Mundane (adj.)
Ordinary, unexceptional, earthy
Volatile (adj.)
Explosive, unpredictable
Epiphany (n.)
A sudden realization of truth or new idea
Calamitous (adj.)
Blithe (adj.)
(positive) Lighthearted, cheerful; (negative) causal, concerned, heedless
Repugnance (n.)
Disgust, extreme dislike
Rebuke (v. or n.)
To scold or citicize SHARPLY; to reprimand
Adamant (adj.)
Unshakeable, immovable, uncompromising, inflexible
Prudent (adj.)
Wise, cautious, careful, characterized by good judgment
Terra incognita (n.)
Unkown territory
Unequivocal (adj.)
Unambiguous, crystal clear, having just one unquestinaly meaning, decisive
Posthumous (adj.)
After one's death
Conjecture (n.)
The act of forming an opinion based on inference, or guess, as opposed to the facts
Insidious (adj.)
Tricky, sneaky, subtly evil, treacherous
Rapture (n.)
State of being carried away or entranced by sheer joy
Being saved from danger or difficulty, or the thing that causes such a saving to take place
Emaciated (adj.)
Totally thin, gaunt, starved
Jubilant (adj.)
Extremely joyful, exultant
Perfunctory (adj.)
A mechanical, superficial, often hasty way of doing something; lacking care, attention or thought.
Primordial (adj.)
Existing at the very beginning or origins
Bourgeois (adj.)
Characterized by upper-middle class materialistic self-enhancement and status conciousness, sometimes by a kind of gaudy nouveau-rich taste
Affinity (n.)
A natural liking or attraction to something or someone
Sedentary (adj.)
Characterized by sitting or beign seated
Fatuous (adj.)
Foolish, inane, stupidly empty or silly
Espouse (v.)
To adopt, embrace or advocate (a cause or idea); to make one's own
Recluse (n.)
Someone who lives alone and avoids contact with others
Brash (adj.)
Tending to at without thinking, in a hasty and often energetic manner; with a connotation of self-assertiveness, boldness and arrogance
Bereavement (n.)
A state of a grieving that people go through after suffereing a terrible loss
Surfeit (n.)
An excess of quantity of something, somethimes to the point of producting disugust
Astute (adj.)
Clever, sharp, perceptive
Chaste (adj.)
Virgin, inexperienced
Ambivalence (n.)
Contradictory attitudes that a person feels at the same time
Succor (n. or v.)
Rescue, relieve or aid
Opprobrium (n.)
Public disgrace or infamy; bad reputation brought on by bad behavior
Hubris (n.)
Excessive pride; arrogance that leads to ao downfall
Subsist (v.)
To continue existence in the present state without getting better; to persist or survive
Copious (adj.)
Abundant, many
Affable (adj.)
Pleasant, friendly, at ease with talking to others
Paucity (n.)
Scarcity; smallness of number
Disdain (n. or v.)
Feeling of contempt or scorn for what is beneath a person; the act of looking down on
Insolence (n.)
Rudeness, arrogance, pride, boldness, inslting behavior
Loath (ad.)
Reluctant or unwillingness to do something not wanted
Impartial (adj.)
Unbiased, fair, objective, not haveing/showing prejudice or an opinion about the facts
Dispassionate (adj.)
Free from passion, emotion, or bias
Enigma (n.)
A mystery, something perplexing or baffling
Destitute (adj. or n.)
Totally poor, without a penny
Asceticism (n.)
Self-denial, active taking on of hardships through self-deprivation, no material comforts
Renunciation (n.)
To renounce, to give something up, to swear off
Dissuade (v.)
To discourage or persuadde against doing something
Scoff (v.)
To express ridicule or comtempt for something, to mock it
Desolation (n.)
Ruined or deserted condtions, empty, deserted
Derelict (adj. or n.)
Abandoned, forsaken, deserted
Incongruous (adj.)
Not fitting, not agreeing, out of place, inappropriate, clashing with the rest of the scene
Anomaly (n.)
An exception, soemthing outside the norm, a bizarre occurrence
Undeterred (adj.)
Unprevented from acting
Cursory (adj.)
Performed with haste and superficial attention to detail
Terse (adj.)
Breif and to the point, sharp
Posit (v.)
To put forth as a theory or explanation or assumption; to assume the existence of something for hypothetical purposes
Itinerant (adj.)
Traveling from place to place
Vagabond (n.)
A wandering homeless person, with the connotation of recklessness or irresponsibility
Estranged (adj.)
Alienated, feeling separate from people, misunderstood or isolated, unsuccessful in communicating
Contrite (adj.)
Having a deep sense of guilt
Onerous (adj.)
Oppressive, burdensome, really tiring
Austere (adj.)
Harsh, severe, withouth warmth or sympathy
Adherent (n.)
A believer, follower or supporter of a cause of idea
Red tape (n.)
Busywork, paperwork, tedious tasks and formal requirements that prevent largte organizations or beureacracies form responding to your needs
Flout (v.)
To violate or cross, to treat with contempt