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Tell me about yourself/ Walk me through your resume
-i'm from TN
-I chose Michigan b/c of the good business school and its top program in marketing even though risky
-interested in diversity-GenAPA-learned that i love to understand and talk to people-Marketing-really learned about my leadership skills of energy and organized
-BOSS-more analytical and entreprenurial skills
-got into B-schoool
-NASCAR-more analytical
-chose to go into brand management b/c i see it like a game-what can i change within the 4P's that will make this product a success?
-SCJ-sales-closer to the 4Ps
-company: b/c of consumer care
What are your goals (short term, long term?) HOw does our firm fit in w/ these goals?
-short term: full time position, advance further, do well
-long term (3-5 yrs): work, advance up, associate brand manager--> go back to school, perhaps kellog
-long term (10 yrs)-marketing director or VP of marketing
-well these goals, are quite in line w/ the firm.
why choose michigan? what are my concentrations? why did you choose them? what have you learned so far?
-chose mighican b/c of the business school
-concentration: marketing and corp. strategy
-learned so far: marketing is the most important part of business!
why are you intersetd in marketing? how are you crrently preparing for a career in marketing?
-interested b/c i think its fun! like the strategy aspects of it, which 4P's can i change.
-interactive, w/ other people
-i'm also interested in managing the brand in terms of its day-to-day operations,
-passionate about everythign i do, and marketing is a good venue for this b/c it's a chance for me to tell people about how great a brand is and how it will fulfill their needs
- also deals alot w/ people and how i can make their lives easier and give them what they need
-preparing: marketing classes, reading up on different news like BrandWeek and Adage, applying and hopefully getting a marketing internship, also in marketing positions in clubs at school to give me experience
-internship has confirmed my interest and passion
Why are you interested in our org? What do you know about it?
what wyould you contribute to our organization? What unique skils and experiences can you bring to us? Why should we hire you?
-1. energetic/passionate
-2. determined/motivated
-3. organized/planner

unique experiences-Formosa Foundation, background
WHat personal or prfessional qulaities are your proudest of? How have they helped you achieve your goals?
-personal qualities: never give up
-professional: results-oriented-->like to make a fairly detailed plan of action
-this in istelf would help me achieve goals
Discuss your career progres to date. How do you feel about it?
-refer to other slide about.. talkign w/ others, taking classes, orgs., etc.
-i feel pretty good, everythign is goign accordign to plan so far
in your most recent position, what were your most significant accomplishments? what skills did you employ to arrive at those goals?
-$100k Sponsorship
-Sales-adview project
-detail-oriented, analytical, results oriented, creativity, teamwork/leadership
Describe one or two of your most important personal accomplishments. Discuss the hurdles that made them challenging.
-getting in to the b-school
-def. not the smartest, also had alot going on at the same time,
How do your co-workers describe you? Members of your study groups at Michigan? your friends?
resonsible, firendly to work with, very supportive--> GenAPA, very stressful times, always there to support the other functions of GenAPA and help out whenever i could,
How would you add to the diversity of our organization?
-asian-> culturally different
-quirky, weird--interesting person--> always brings a smile to other peoples' faces
Discuss examples of situations when you had to persuade a person of a dfferent point of view to agree with an issue
-C: Formosa Foundation
-ACTIONS: 1. visited congressman/senators and presented key points-->didnt work
-2. change tactics, and evaluated what would change their minds=consituents-made game plan for them
-3. letters from them
-4. phonecalls
-5. conferences/parades
-R: did quite well, got 20/ 30 of the congressman to join the Taiwan Caucus for more information/updates
what are some of the best ideas you ever sold to a superior or a peer? What were your appraoches
Context: SCJ-triathlon sponsorship- problem with coupon distribution-only distributing 1,200 out of the 5,000-needed new idea for coupon distribution
-1. in email(chose this b/c she prefers emails), presented a variety of
-A. alternatives and their pros and cons
-B. needed actions/cost
-C. selected the best alt. i liked
-D. plan of action to implement.
-2. Followed up with her and gave her a more detailed plan of action
-3. Was implemented for the next triathons.
Describe a time when you had to use several approaches b/c your intial approach failed to persuade others
-Formosa Foundation, kept constant email contact and personal relations
describe your most satisfying experience in attempting to gain upper mgmt support of an idea or proposal. what was the situation, and how did it turn out?
what oral presentations have you made? Whcih were the most successful and why?
-bunch in class for projects, etc.
-most successful is when i know the material very well and when i am comfortable in front of the audience.
Have you ever done any public speaking? Tell me about one of those events.
-just for classes -->marketing group project
What are examples of the most difficult writing assignements you have ever had?
-topics that i couldn't relate to or understand--> generally paper that needed analyze
describe leadership style
-C: GenAPA
-A: 1. personality/conduct-role model, enthusiastic, dependable, analytic-very prepared for every meeting, understand where the group needs to be going.
2. understand people in groups-what motivates them, know how to handle situation, very flexible
describe a situation in whcih you had a conflict w/ another person in a corporate or school setting and how you resolved it
-C: co-worker wasn't pulling his own weight
-A: analyze the situation-liked to go w/ the flow. his motivation was more for the experience, and mine was to do well. thus, my detailed plans and deadliens weren't working for him. -->he was dropping the ball.
-2. sat down and talked to discuss what could be better-xanga-blogs. me cut down on the planning, and he try to fit into the schedule more.
discuss some situations in whcih you successfully supervised a divers group of people towards a difficult goa. What skills did you employ in supervising them? What did you learn?
-SETAA: conference, with ages from 13-21 on the 3 comittees, espeically difficult b/c they came onto the committees for a resume booster, not passionate.
-Actions: separated people into their preferred committees-solved the part where 13 year olds have difficulty in communicating ideas when an older person dominates
-2. figured out their motivations, and played to them.
-3. motivated all through mini competitions
-4. made sure everyone had a chnace for input.
-Results: did very well, no fights within the group. and accomplished all of our goals through our teamwork.
-personal skills: good at analyzing people, and figuring out ways in workign with them-flexible
describe a situation in whcih you had to lead a difficult group towards a goal despite opposition from others
Formosa Foundation--> people def. didn't like what we were doing. but we just ignored the barbs and kept on going. especially motivating to keep morale up
describe a situation in whcih you had to provide negative feedback to a co-worker or team member
C:BOSS-amit-not doing his work
A: 1. sat down to talk, i was prett straight to the point in a nice way. 2. analyzed his sutation-the problem was that he needed to be more responsible and mindful of them.
3. helped him prioritize things and better time mgmt.
4. also went over some things that he wasn't as clear on about his responsibilities.
5. checked up on him more often, made a point to ask him if things were okay,etc.

Results: became the next VP of mkting after me.
all of us have been in situation where we assigned work to other people and they didnt' follow through. can you tell me about some of those? why did it happen? what did you learn from that experience
-assigned tasks as little as goign to go sign somethign for authorization or as big as taking care of the strategies for a certain event; for a while, i micromanged to make sure they got it done and set deadlines for them and called the day before or emailed.-->not a good way to solve things. GenAPA--happened b/c it felt too restricting like school work when really this organization was supposed to be more fun and interesting.
-dont micromanage, and get to the reason as to why they didnt' finish the work instead of pushign them hard to finish
-in this particular situation, it also happened b/c i held back from saying anything
when have you inspired someone to work hard to do a better job? how did you do that?
Are you a team leader or a follower? Give me examples of your teamwork style
-Context: marketing group
-depends on the situation. for some classes.. i step up to be a leader if everything doesn't' work. teamwork style-1. still the same as my leadership in terms of my personality-energetic/passionate. 2. determined/motviated. 3. very structure on my own
-Results: did well-got an A on the assignement
discuss examples of how you effectively dealt wihth difficutlt individuals in your workplace
with boss at SCJ-difficult to communicate
describe a situation in which you wer able to build team spirit in a time of low morale
context: group work--> 5in the mornign doing marketing stuff, actions: 1. still encoruaging. 2.and kept group on focus-->letting them know that the end is near/ why we're here.
3. games/ food
Results: achieved goal of getting 600 atteendees.
-tried to encourage through games and
when makign adecisions, how much consideration do you give to th needs of team members? Give examples
it depends on the situation..
give an example of a time when you intervened to get your team back on track b/c they could not resolve an issue
marketing group
tell me about the toughest group you have ever had to work with. What made the group so tough? What did you do?
context: SETAA-tough b/c so diverse
action: 1. separated. 2. made sure everyone spoke. 3. understood the different needs of people/ tried to meet these needs as best as possible.
results: 80% of peopel rated the program as excellent/very good->come back. recruited 2 times as many people.
What's the worst professional decision you have ever made? what were the consequences? what did you learn?
context: GenAPA chris-not saying anythign for a long time.
action: just dropping hinjts that he should start doign work without really trying to udnerstand why he wasn't doing the work.
results: not productive, obvious rift between us during meetings (i would know everythign, he would know nothign)
-personally: solve problems in the beginning, they aren't goign to right themselves. do it with finese-dont'just drop hints and expect him to know.
What types of decision do you find easy to make, and what types difficult?
if there's really one way better than the other and if it doesn't affect too much--> choosing b-schools
What's the most difficult decision you have ever made? What were the consequences? What did you learn?
which college?
Describe a situation in which you had to make an important decisionw/o having all the information at hand
-choosing school
Give me an example of a good decision you have made recently. What alternatives did you consider? Why was it a good decision?
context:Quitting BOSS
actions: moving in a different direction and i felt like i wanted to try something different than executional marketing--moved to MAM-consulting marketing-more people interactino and problem-solving which i like.
-results: MAM is a great fit, and i was promoted to Head Project Coordinator.
Describe an ethical dilemma which you have had to face durign your career. How did you resolve the issue?
Describe your character
very conscientious
Have you evr been in a situation in whcih a co-owrker showed dishonesty on the job? If so, how did you deal w/ the situation?
b-school essays-->amit
Have you ever been asked to do somethign that wasn't right? What did u do?
What are our brands (or service, etc.)?
What have you learend about our organization?
What is the worst thing you have learned about our organization?
What is the most important thing you would look for in an employer?
give me real responsibilities, trust me to do the work-dont micromanage me.
How did you structure your research about our organization?
What was your first impression about our company?
What did you tihnk of our corporate presentation?
What ideas have you developed that were creative or innovative?
-refridgerator-roomate wasn't closing the door all the way.
Sell me this pen (or plant)
Describe a situation in whcih you developed a unique solution to a problem
in you rlast job, what did you do differently from your predeccessors and why?
Did you express any new ideas to your boss int he last 6 months of work? What were the ideas, and how did your boss respond to them?
Discuss a proejct which best demonstrates your analytical skills
Describe a situation in whcih you identified key problems early on in a project and were able to avert crisis
Walk me through a situation in whcih you had to research and analyze the reuts for one of your projects
Tell me about a time when you had to analyze or interpre numerical or financial info
What is the best commercial you've seen in the last few months and why? Do you believe it is effective?
Cruise ship
Briefly describe a marketing plan for yourself
consumer=company, what would you want in somebody-? hardeworker, etc.
Name some of the most recent new products launched by a consumer products company in the past 6 months. Which of these impressed you? Why? Do you believe it will be successful in the marketplace?
How would you describe the personaltiy of brand X? BrandY?
If you had your choice among all brands in the US which woudl you want to market? Why? Which would you not want to market?
What do you do in your free time?
read comics, taiwan news, sleep, hang out w/ friends
What has been the most useful criticism you have ever received?
Describe the biggiest crisis in your life or career
What is your biggest disappointment in life?
What is your greatest weakensses
making too many plans and steps==>makes other people feel uncomfortable
What motivates you best?
the sake of doign well
What kind of boss gest the best work out of you
one that tursts me, doesn't micromanage. flexible and not rigid.. not.. a stick in the mud.. able to be funny
Do you feel your grades at school accurately reflect your abilities?
no.. i feel that grades measure how well you grasp the materials. abilities.. more able to learn.. which isnt' necessarily reflected in exams
How well do you take criticsm? What's the most painful criticism you ever received?
I take criticsm pretty well as long as its constructive. most painful=told that I was annoying when i micromanaged people.
tell me about your most specatcular failure
Tell me about times you were not very pleased w/ your performance.
last year, when i wasn't able to blaance my time very well, and ended up spending too much time doign stuff outside of school
How do you know you will excel at marketing?
I think i can be successful at anythign I put my ind to, as long asi just play my strengths to my advantage and work very hard. such as in the case where i was GenAPA--no experience prior, but i really exceld at it by putting in lots of work.
Tell me about the toughest group you have ever had to work with. What made the group so tough? What did you do?
Amcult-14 people that really didnt' want to be there to do it.
Give me one example of a good decision you have made recently. What alternatives did you consider? Why was it a good decision?
Name some of the most recent new products launched by a consumer products company in the past 6 months. Which of these impressed you? Why? Do you believe it will be successful in the marketplace?
maid-in-the-shower-->yes! my mom HATES cleaning the shower.. she bought one to use and clean.
If you had your chocie among all brands in the US, which would you want to market? Why? Which would you not want to market?
did you get a return offfer
-communicated to supervisor about preference for different function
-liked the job-CPGs.
-in this job, how different from previous.