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What are the signs someone is choking?
hands on neck
How do you prevent the spread of infecttion?
APSIS/wash hands. wear gloves.
A patient gives his prize possesions away and says his final goodbye
I would take the threat very seriously. First, I would make sure the client is safe by not leaving them alone and reporting it to my supervisor or their doctore. I would then record it on the patients chart.
A patient on a low sodium diet asks you for salt. What do you do?
First of all, I would have to be familiar with the clients chart. Once I know why they are on a low sodium diet I can explain to my patient the risks involved with consuming salt. I would also report to my supervisor and write it in his chart.
What makes a client as an individual one whole person?
Good physical health, psychological needs met, such as:
*self esteem
*inner peace

social needs met:
*social support is very important.
A physical activity is set for a patient who is always angry, why will this plan work?
This plan will work because physical activity increases endorphins in an individual, because of this they are less likely to feel angry. By increasing physical activity they will feel better physically, and feel better physchologically.