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A thread consists of four subcomponents:
a program counter
a collection of variables that can only be accessed by the thread,
a collection of variables that can be accessed by the thread in question and other threads, and
a set of synchronization primitives that allow one thread to unambiguously influence the program counter of another.
local state
global state
Variables that can be accessed only by the thread are called local state.

Variables that can be accessed by more than one thread are typically called global state
threads Vs. process
threads share variables

processes are disjoint

int pthread_create(pthread_t *new_thread_ID,
const pthread_attr_t *attr,
void * (*start_func)(void *),
void *arg);

int pthread_join(pthread_t target_thread,
void **status);

return or pthread_exit()
different machine architectures use different binary representations for integers and floating point numbers.
little endian

big endian
network byte order
convert you addresses to a canonical byte ordering that all architectures can then convert to a local representation
uint32_t htonl(uint32_t host_long);

uint16_t htons(uint16_t host_short);
uint32_t ntohl(uint32_t net_long);

uint16_t ntohs(uint16_t net_short);
open socket
#include < sys/socket.h >

int tcp_sd;
int udp_sd;

tcp_sd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);
udp_sd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);

ret_val = -1 for failure
socket strcuture
struct sockaddr_in {
uint_8 sin_len; /* length of structure (16) */
sa_family_t sin_family; /* address family is AF_INET for IP */
in_port_t sin_port; /* port number (UDP/TCP)
struct in_addr sin_addr; /* IP address */
char sin_zero[8]; /* unused */
server side socket:
open ( socket() )
#include < netinet/in.h >

bind(tcp_sd, (struct sockaddr *)&sa, sizeof(sa));
listen(tcp_sd, 5);

5:# of connections
new_sd = accept(tcp_sd, (struct sockaddr *)&remote_addr, sizeof(remote_addr));

tcp_sd: server socket
new_sd: active socket
client side socket:
Sub and Function
Sub doesn't return value
Function returns value
keywords: SUB/FUNCTION - What is DLL hell?
in short - Overwriting a older version of dll by a new version of dll is known as Dll Hell problem.
need to find more info for this one.
What does VS.NET (visual contains ?
VS.NET contains .NET in short - FRAMEWORK includes Window form, Web
Form, Base Class Libraries and CLR.
Visual Studio .Net is basically a framework which makes easy
development of codes written in Various programming languages..
It contains two things
1.Framework Class Library:It contains various classes
managed within various namespaces.

2.Common Language Runtime:CLR is the execution engine which
helps in compiling the IL code into machine code,takes care
of security issues and many other critical tasks.
Web pages,windows apps,console applications,Class libriaries
are various options which can be created using
Crystal report - Can we use a crystal report into a another crystal report
yes, using crystal sub reporting, we can use a crystal
report in to another crystal report.
how to create views in sql with syntax and example
create view <Viewname> as
select a as A,b as B,c as C
from <tablename>
where <whereclause{optional}> order by A

CREATE VIEW view_name AS
SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name
WHERE condition

Using Views
CREATE VIEW [Current Product List] AS
SELECT ProductID,ProductName
FROM Products
WHERE Discontinued=No
Advantage of over vb ?
difference between vb6 and
1. support Multi-Threading.
2. is used as language in
3. is OO while vb is object based.
4. support exception handling.
5. VB.Net can be used in Managed Code
6. It supports inheritance, implement
7.having support for the console based applications
8.vb has its own interpreter and has compiler(CLR).
In order to get assembly info whcih namespace we should import?
Where is the Version Information Stored on a assembly ? Write the Namespace to load assemblies at runtime Can you allow a class to be inherited but prevent the method from being overridden ? What happens in memory when you box and unbox a value type ? Write a progtam to convert decimal to byte without using library function.
Version information is stored in assembly in manifest;
Namespace to load assemblies at run time is System...

in boxing & unboxing... boxing=value type convert into
refrence type for boxing no explicit conversion is required
unboxing=unboxing is opposte of boxing refrence type convert
into value type for unboxing explicte conversion is required..?
What is difference between a panel and GroupBox ?
panel is container for group of controls like groupbox. But
only difference is for panel no caption whereas groupbox
contains caption property. By using this we can give one
collective name for group of controls.
Both panel and groupbox acts like a container to other
controls they help us a lot in some applications where we
want a group of controls or objects should be disabled or
enabled when a specific task is performed

the main difference is

group box has a hording where u can place a text of ure own

whereas a panel is just like a frame what we used in VB but
has a scrollbar(hs,vs)
what is the use of console application?
Console Applications are command-line oriented applications
that allow us to read characters from the console, write
characters to the console and are executed in the DOS
version. Console Applications are written in code and are
supported by the System.Console namespace.
Is VB.NET object oriented? What are the inheritances does VB.NET support ?
yes, is object oriented. supports only
1)single level inheritance/simple inheritance
2) multi level inheritance
3)hierachical inheritance doesn't supports
multiple,hybrid inheritance.
What is difference between Abstract Class and Interface?