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What the last book you have read? How do you spend you spare time?
Unfortunatelly, in recent times I have no time to read art books. Now I read only textbooks, academics journals and other learning related materials. In fact I cannot remember when I my last art book and what it was about.
What the last textbook/subjects you have read?
The last textbook I have read was about Change Management. It was written by rather general describtion and explanation. Just given some general principles and it is typical for HR and social subjects. There was no technical step-by-step instuctions and f
What do you do in rare minutes of rest? How do you spend your spare time?
As I said before I spend all of my spare time studying. I have very tough schedule and I always have a lot of to do because the more I do the higher grade I receive the richer my experience the better more comprehensive knowledge I get. But when I have a
What are your weak points? How do you improve them?
I tried to improve myself by working on my weak points. The main weak point I have is that my english speaking skilly is not developed enough. Unfortunatelly I have very little practice in speaking english. But it can't be an obstacle, there are many ways
How do you solve the disputable questions? How do you get on with others?
If other's opinion adds some values, gives any usefull point of view, improve my understanding of situation why shouldn't listen to them. We live in the very diverse world we have to learnt to live with others to use it for our development. The creative t
What is your goal?
My goal is to be professional to be more profeccion to get to the top of my profession. To grow profeccionally, to grow as high as I can. To get good education, to learn something new about the world, to do my best.
What makes you angry? What kind of things you don't like?
It is very hard for me to be tollerante to inprofessionalism. The situations when people do their job bad because of their laziness or weak motivation of something. Situations where people don't take into account someone's opinion, to take reasonable poin
How do you spend your spare time? Do you do fitness?
I tried to go to a gym every day for one hour exercise. I usually have workout on cycle, running machine and stepper. Sometimes I miss my gym but I tried to be very disciplined in my fitness activities. I have programm that I designed for myself on my own
What do you improve your life? Is it change your personality?
Studying at MBA gives a lot of opportunities to compare everything around with world class ideal. It gives you a lot of prospectives, a lot of directions of improvements. I think education helps people to change to the better, pull people towards somethin
What interest you? What kind of books, sites, articles do you read?
In my very rare spare time I spend on learning something new again, digging and discovering something new and interesting for my in psycology, in sociology, arts and anthropology and so on. I find social science very interesting for me. I thing nowadays i
How do you get on with others? How hard Is it for you?
Theoretically anyone can understand anybody, Off course person who understands other feelings has very high emotional intelligence is a very competitive and competent individual. I am not sure I am on the highest level of that but I am trying to move towa
What if you are asked to do uninteresting for you?
That what I don't want to. Couse it is not mine, I feel I won't be able to do it, I won't be happy doing this. Such kind of activities is very unpleasant for me. I was not born for that. I am very uncomfort with that. I am not cofindent with that.
Descibe me a good analyst
Good analyst has to be posses advanced analytical skills. He or she has to have critical thinking developed, ability to deal with large amount of data is a must. It requires also skills in establishing causal relationships and logic skills. Objective judg
What is your character? How do your friends describe your character?
My friends and colleges, aquantances think that I am very critically judge, very principall. But all of them confess that such assesment motivate people to be better, seek better solution, to be creative and competitive and so on. Of course when I make a
What if the money is not a concern for you?
Even if the money is not a concern I would work. May it would be fund or non profit organisation. I will work anyway. I have to realize myself to help someone who realy need it. As a matter of fact It may be sound strange, money is not a big concern to me
What kind of people do you find most difficult to deal with?
People who is hard for me to deal with are those who always try to show me their superior in something, imply my comparatively lower status, those who insult my dignity, try to put me down. Often it looks very riduculous and absurd. In this situation they
How do you cope with tension? Tell me about your stress management
When you go to a gym everyday you develop your stress resistance very strong. It helps you to cope with tension. It's a kind of rule of nature, phycology, phisiology. I become fitness propogandist. I believe healthy life style is one of the best way to be
Why do you want ot change your job
In Open Technologies where I am working now I was said that unfortunately there is no opportunity for professional growth for me, neither up nor horisontally. And it makes me think that I can try to find a company that can retain a talanted employee by gi
Why do you think you can work as a marketing manager?
I have experience in many organisation in various industries and kind of businesses. I work in small, medium and large businesses. Wholesaler, retail equipment, marketing research agency, consulting, IT. I work as a teem member and individually. I have e
What MBA gives you? What do you get from your MBA?
MBA gives me a lot of new knowledge, new approaches in problem solution. MBA is not designed to give the knowledge, it focusing on developing skills to obtain relevant knowledge, and appling it in problem solution, successful changes or gaining a competet
Do you plan to apply your knowledge?
I intent to apply it in a very extensive manner in my near future. I hope all my skills and competence would be required.
How hard to combine learning and working? About learning at MBA
Of course it is very hard to combine work and learning. It is very hard to find the right balance between work and learning because all of my spare time is being spending to my education. Usually I have very tight schedule and every weekends I spend prepa
How hard the learning process in MBA
The courses consists world class cases and other very challenging tasks. And there is no any light version specially for russian students. The content for the full time MBA and distance learning mode are the same. The leaning process are designed in such
How much do you have to do to complete the course?
I am on the second stage and I have to take three examinations of the rest subjects and complete the dissertation on comtemporarty business issue. I think it will take about one and a half year. So I will put on my graduation tap only in 2008.
Payment for MBA
The whole MBA is paid on my personal account. Such kind of financial burden was rather hard and I had to live in a very small way for the long period of time but I think it worth that.
Why do you choose marketing specialisation?
It is natural extention of my first education which was marketing. It was very intersting for me to get an advanced strategic marketing education.
About ACCA and second education?
My second education was management focused on finance. First of all it was business course. ACCA is one the most broadly recognized UK accounting association and it offer a lot of learning courses. I choose one that refer to general management. I found it
What are the subjects do you choose?
Subjects I choose includes strategic marketing, corporate reporting and control, decision analysis for management judgement, quality management, project management and change management. All subject are very interesting.
How do you learn English?
I learn English by all possible means - watching BBC and other english speaking channels, movies, listening various english podcasts, reading articles, writing letter, communicating with english speaking people and etc. One of the prerequisite for studyin
What is the mostly hard for you in learning English?
The most difficult part of the English for me is speaking. Because I have very little chance to speak English in every day routine. Nevertheless there are a lot of tools methods ways and approaches to compensate luck of native speakers.