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What is self-concept?
How we define ourselves.
What is self-awareness?
Involves the sum total of all of your perceptions of yourself.
What is self-acceptance?
Seeing how your positive and negative qualities are equally valid, equally you, equally normal to have.
Building on those qualities you're satified with and working to change the ones you're not happy with.
What is self-esteem?
The part of your self-concept that evaluates your self.
The closer your real self is to your ideal self.
What is self-actualizing?
To make something (in this case, the self) actual.
To develop it fully.
What is self-talk?
All the talk that occurs within us.
Involves the processing of messages that occure within us.
What is self-disclosure?
Deliberalty disclosing or revealing information about yourself.
Telling what you know about yourself not normally known to others.