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Three differences between forwards and futures
1. forwards private; futures traded
2. forwards customized; futures standardized
3. forwards have no daily settlement; futures have daily settlement
Intrinsic Value = ?
Intrinsic Value = Spot - Strike
Time Value = ?
Time Value = Call Premium - Intrinsic Value
Call Option Price Relationships with Strike, Spot, Rd, Rf, t, volatility
Strike = -
Spot = +
Rd = +
Rf = -
t= +
volatility = +
Current rate method
1. functional is not $
2. TA-TL
3. CTA, bypass income statement
Temporal method
1. function is $
2. MA-ML
3. goes to income statement
What is translation exposure?
Changes in income statement items and the book value of balance sheet assets and liabilities that are caused by an exchange rate change. This measurement is retrospective because it is based on activities that occurred in the past.
What is operating/economic exposure?
Changes in the amount of future operating cash flows caused by an exchange rate change. Prospective because it is based on future activities. (Big picture, competitive)
What is transaction exposure?
Changes in the value of outstanding foreign currency denominated contracts that are brought about by an exchange rate change. This is a mix of retrospective and prospective because it's based on activities that occurred in the past, but will be settled in the future.
3 Natural Hedges
1. Input sourcing
2. Plant location
3. Shifting production
3 Reasons for adjusting transfer prices
1. tax minimization
2. avoid exchange controls
3. disguise profitability in less developed country (LDC)
3 Step approach in project evaluation
1. project as if stand-alone
2. adjust for project-parent flows
3. adjust for global project interactions