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pungent, hot, poisonous, Ht, Kid, Sp, 3-15g - decocted 30-60 mins before other herbs.

recuperating depleted yang to rescue patient from collapse, supplementing the fire of the vital gate to strengthen yang, dispelling cold to relieve pain.

Yang depletion syndrome
Yang deficiency syndrome
Arthralgia, esp cold-damp

Toxicity likely if used unprepared, not cooked long enogh, or if dosage too high. Do not give to pregnant women or those withh excess yang or deficient yin.
Fu Zi 附子
Prepared Lateral Root of Aconite, Radix Aconiti lateralis praeparata
Interior warming
pungent, hot, St, Ht, Lu, 3-10g

warming the middle jao, dispelling cold, warming the lung, resolving phlegm retention.

Cold syndrome of deficiency type of Sp & St.
Retention of cold-phlegm in the Lung.

used cautiously in cases of heat syndromes, yin deficiency and pregnancy.
Gan Jiang 干姜
Dried Ginger, Rhizoma Zingiberis
Interior warming
pungent, sweet, hot, Kid, Sp, Ht, Liv, 2-5g in decoction, 1-2g ground into a powder.

supplements fire of the vital gate to strengthen yang, dispels cold to relieve pain, warms and clears the channels.

Syndromes of Yang Deficiency.
Various pains due to stagnation of qi and blood caused by cold.
sores, carbuncles and other external diseases due to cold of deficiency of qi and blood.

May induce bleeding bc it is pungent and hot, do not use with patients with hyperactive fire due to yin deficiency, excess heat in the interior or pregnancy.
Rou Gui 肉桂
Cinnamon bark, Cortex Cinnamomi
Internal warming
pungent, bitter, hot, slightly poisonous, Liv, Sp, St, 1.5-5g.

dispels pathogenic cold, drying damp, soothing the Liver, lowering the adverse flow of Qi, relieves pain.

Pathogenic cold in the Interior
Flaccidity and pain of the lower limbs due to cold
Vomitting and acid regurgitation due to cold.

* powdered herb mixed with vinegar applied to arck of the foot cures canker sores and hypertension by drawing fire down.

Should not be given to patients with false heat from yin deficiency.
Wu Zhu Yu 吴茱萸
Evodia Fruit, Fructus Evodiae
Internal warming
pungent, hot, Sp, St, 3-10g

warming the middle jiao and alleviating pain.

Warming the middle jiao, dispersing cold, promoting the circulation of qi, treating qi stasis due to cold, gastric distention and pain.
Supplementing the qi, strengthening the spleen, warming the middle jiao, to treat cold of deficiency.
Gao Liang Jiang 膏良姜
Galangal Rhizome, Rhizoma Galangae

Internal Warming
pungent, warm, Liv, Kid, Sp, St, 3-6g

dispersing cold, alleviating pain, regulating the flow of qi and normalizing the functions of the St.

Dispersing cold, promoting qi circulation and alleviating pain.
To treat cold of deficiency type in the Sp & St, failure in the descending action of St-Qi.
xiao hui xiang 小茴香
Common Fennel Fruit, Fructus Foenicuii
Internal Warming
pungent, warm, Sp, St, Kid, 2-5g

warming the middle jiao, lowering the adverse rising, warming the kidney and supporting yang

Warming the middle jiao, restoring qi, lowering the adverse qi.
Cold of deficiency type in the lower jiao.
Ding Xiang 丁香
Clove, Flos Caryophylli
Internal Warming
pungent, hot, Kid, Sp, St, 1.5-6g (can be used alone as a compress (wrapped) directly over pain.

Warm the middle jiao, disperses cold, alleviates pain, kills parasites

Sp & St cold from deficiency with cold-pain.
Kills parasites (roundworms).

do not use with yin deficiency with heat signs.

Counteracts Kuan Dong Hua 款冬花, Fu Zi 附子, Fang Feng 防风 and antagonizes Gua Lou 瓜楼
Chuan Jiao 川椒 or Hua Jiao 花椒
Pericarpium Zanthoxyli
Internal Warming
pungent, hot, LI, St, 1.5-4.5g when prescribed in large dosage (up to 30g) must be cooked for 2 hours.

Warms the middle and disperses cold

Do not use for yin deficiency with heat signs.
hu jiao 胡椒
Fructus Piperis Nigri, Black Pepper
Internal Warming