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The Zero Exponent
For any nonzero number a,
A function is...
A function is a correspondence between a first set, called the domain, and a second set, called the range, such that each member of the domain corresponds to exactly one member of the range.
The Verticle Line Test says...
If it is possible for a verticle line to cross a graph more than one, then the graph is not the graph of a function.
m = rise/run
= verticle change/horizontal change
= the difference in y/the difference in x
= y2-y1/x2-x1 = y1-y2/x1-x2
All are examples of Slope
What is Slope-Intercept Form?
The Slope of a horizontal line is?
Every horizontal line has a slop of 0.
What is the slope of a vertical line?
The slope of a vertical line is undefined!
To find the X-intercept (a,0)...
Let y=0 and solve the original equation for x.
To find the Y-intercept (0,b)...
Let x=0 and solve the original equation for y.
Standard Form of a Linear Equation.
Point-Slope Form is...
Any equation of the form y-y1=m(x-x1)
A set of two or more equations, in two or more variables, for which a common solution is sought is a...
System of Equations
The domain is the set of ________

while the range is the set of ________
inputs; outputs
What is the standard form of a quadratic function?