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a word that means "from another place" or "from another country"
this is what you do when you are behind and need to get back on schedule
ex. I need to --- on my reading
catch up on ~
when the house is run down and needs repairs, you should ---
fix it up
a family member; it could be your aunt's son or daughter
a special park that is usually big and fabulous
a national park
when you go on vacation, you might need to --- a car
another way to say "maybe"
it means you are not 100% sure
this word fits in the blank
How do you --- your free time?
How did you --- your last vacation?
something you wear on your back and carry books in
a backpack
something you get at the doctor's office before you travel to a place like India or Vietnam
a vaccination

(pronounced: vax-ih-nation)
a kind of food that is famous in a town or region
a local specialty
a word that means no more or no less
ex. the --- amount of change
if you want to drive, you have to have one of these
a driver's license
in some countries, it's not safe to drink water from the ---
when you change money, you have to show some ---- (like your passport)

(or identification)