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Tides on earth are caused by gravitational pull
the sun and the moon
Seasons of winter in the Northern hemisphere are created by
Northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun
June 21st of each year Norhtern hemisphere is the summer solstice
means the days will be longer and the nights shorter
The earth orbit around the sun is called
The moon phases where light is increasing and brighter
Distance between Earth and Sun is 193 million miles this measure distance in space is called
astronomical unitl
Northern hemisphere the sun is highest in the sky
The energy in the star is created by
nuclear fusion
In star, outward pressure from the core is counteracted by the inward force of
Aurora is caused by
charged poarticles or ions
Visible and lowest layer of the sun's atmoshpere is
Top layer of the sun atmoshpere
Solar minimum, maximum, minimum, and maximum make up a
solar cycle
Constellations are
groups of stars that form a pattern
Shooting star appears in the sky as space debris enters the atmoshpere but does not hit earth is called