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Acne Vulgaris
inflammatory disease of the follicles sebaceous glands.
acne may appear as a closed comedo or whitehead. if it does not protrude from the follicle end is covered by the epidermis.
Herpes Simplex
cold sores or blisters on the mouth or face.
The presence of small grouped, painful clear vesicles on a erythemateous.
Lyme Disease
a bulls-eye rash on bite site.
early stages of lyme disease are marked by flu-like symtoms. fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain and swollen lymph nodes.
a loss of hair, usually on the scalp
continual hair loss
folliculitis may lead to the development of furuncles (boils)
they are hard painful nodules that enlarge. over several days time they rupture releasing pus and dead cells.
the skin may be the site of different forms of cancerous cells, such as basal cells, carcinomas,, squamous cells, and malignent melanomas.
bleeding, itching or change in color, size, shape or texture of a mole suggest a possible conversion to a malignent state.
a small red macule becomes a vesicle and then changes into a pustule yellow crust on outer rim.
if the cause is streptococcial, the small red macule turns into a vesicle and then to pustule relatively short time.
Herpes Zoster
is an acute infectious process aka shingles.
It causes severe neurological pain along the area of the involved nerves. fever, malaise and the eruption of vesicles in the painful area.
abnormal condition begins as a nodule then enlarges to involve the adjacent hair follicles
deep follicular absesses of several follicles and has multiple draining points. It is extremly painful usually associated with fever and malaise.
thread like nodules at the inner wrist, elbow between fingers and in axilla.
the condition causes an itching that becomes intense at night. The lessions are thread like red nodules approx 3/8" long.
itching red papules covering silvery scales
red papules which are covered by silvery scales.
parasitic lice
three types: capitis from head lice; corpis from body lice; publis from public lice
grayish drandruff like fleck that can not be shaken off
distinct raised wheals surrounded by reddened areas
rash and itch
Poisen Ivy
this a dermatitis caused by contact with the poisen ivy plant
moderate itching & burning that is followed by small blisters.
benign viral infection of the skin
rough elevated round surface usually on the extremities especially the hands and fingers.
lack of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes.
What are the 5 functions of the skin?
1. protection
2. perception
3. temperature control
4. absorbtion
5. excretion
What are the three layers of skin?
1. Epidermis-top layer
2. Dermis- AKA "true skin" contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles, oil and sweat glands.
3. Subcutaneous- Inner most layer of skin
How does the body cool itself?