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epithelial membrane
- type of body membrane, made up of epithelial and underlying connective tissue; cultaneous, mucous, serous;
cutaneous membrane
type of epithelial membrane
- skin
mucous membrane
type of epithelial membrane
- lines cavities that open to exterior
- composed of epithelium and loose connective tissue
- lamina propria
- fuctns: defense, hydration, lubrication
lamina propria
a loose connection and flexibility to underlying tissue; holds everything together; sits beneath epithelial membranes
serous membranes
type of epithelial membranes
- lines body cavities closed to exterior and covers organs
- 2 layers, parietal and visceral
- ex: synovail joints
- secretes serous fluid
parietal layer
- the outer layer of serous membrane;
- it attaches to the cavity;
visceral layer
- the inner layer of the serous membranes
serous fluid
- secreted in both layers of the serous membrane