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What does the skin develop from?
Epidermis = ectoderm

Dermis = Mesoderm
What 2 layers does the ectoderm give rise to?
Where do new skin cells always come from?
Basal layer of ectoderm - then migrate superficially.
What is the one important layer of the Basal epidermis that is important to remember?
Stratum germinativum
What gives skin its pigmentation? What tissue type?
Melanocytes - neural crest cells migrated into st. germinativum.
What is NOT in thick skin?
Hair follicles
What do all glands develop from?
Downgrowth of the stratum germinativum
2 types of sweat glands:
Where are eccrine glands?
In thick and thin skin
Where are apocrine glands?
In hair follicles, after puberty only.
Where are are Sebaceous sweat glands?
in hair follicles - but they don't secrete sweat; rather, SEBUM to protect.
How do Hair follicles develop?
Like sweat glands - downgrowth of ectoderm into the dermis.
3 types of Hair follicles:
1. Lanugo
2. Coarser
3. Terminal
When are lanugo hairs made?
In utero and in anorexia nervosa
When is coarsar hair made?
It is permanent
When does terminal hair develop?
At puberty with apocrine glands
What do nails develop from?
What makes the cuticle?
Eponychium - a skin covering over the nail.
Excessive keratinization resulting in lizard skin
Lack of Melanin as a result of decreased Tyrosinase
hair loss
Excessively hairy
How do mammary glands develop?
Like all the other glands.. Stratum germinativum ectoderm migrates down into basal mesoderm
What embryonic tissue makes Teeth? (2 layers)
Enamal = Oral Ectoderm
Dentin = Mesenchyme
What part of the tooth can't be regenerated?
Enamal (dentin can)
What cell type gives rise to enamal?
What cell type gives rise to Dentin?
What cell type gives rise to Cementum?
What cell type gives rise to the Periodontal ligament?
What embryonic tissue gives all cell types but enamal/ameloblasts?
Neural crest from the Jaw