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nourishes the hair bulb
hair papilla
fully formed hair, extending from root to skin surface
hair shaft
mounds of dermis extending into the epidermis creating epidermal ridges
dermal papillae
prevents foreign objects from entering
guard hairs
large arteries and veins
adipose tissue
hypodermic injections
-synthesis of vitamin d
-absorption of oxygen proteins
-holds sensory receptors
-psy and soc functions
functions of skin
cells that detect touch and sensation
Merkal cells
synthesizes nail cells, near bone
nail root
outer layer within dermis
papillary layer
-Skin pigment protein that absorbs ultraviolet radiation and shades underlying tissue.
network of sensory nerves surrounding the hair follicle - alerts to parasites crawling
root hair plexus
increase attachment surface are between dermis and epidermis
epidermal ridges
sweat gland limited to armpit groin nipple
ceruminous glands in external ear
mammary glands
apocrine gland
exocrine sweat gland
duct to skin surface
nervous system controlled
themal regulation, excretion, protection
Eccrine gland
exocrine gland
roduces lipid oil secretions called sebum
flask shaped with duct that opens into follicle or skin surface
acne is bacterial infection in duct
sebaceous glands
Dense irregular tissueattaches skin to deeper tissues
-pacinian corpuscle
-collagen protein
-in dermis
reticular layer
organ that produces hair
hair follicle
deep most part of hair that is undergoing synthesis
hair root
in dermal papillae
senses light touch
meissners corpuscle
phagotic cells that engulf bacteria