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What is the first level of organization of living things?
the cell
Each cell has a special shape so that it can carry out a particular activity,this is called ..
cell specialization
What is a tissue and what level of organization is this?
A tissue is a group of struturely similar cells performing a similar activity.This the second level of organization.
Two or more tissues working together to carry out a common function is called ...what level of organization is this and give 2 examples
an organ,third level,animals-lungs,kidney,plants-stems,leaves.
What is a system ,what is the level of organization ?Give 2 examples.
A system is 2 or more different organs working together to carry out a common function
What is the responsibility of the digestive system?
It is responsible for the breaking down of complex,insoluble foods to simple soluble forms.
Name three organs in the digestive system.
Name 3 organs in the respiratory system.
What is diffusion?
Diffusion is the net movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration along a diffusion gradient.
What is a diffusion gradient?
Diffusion gradient is the difference in concentration between 2 regions before diffusion occurs.
Where does diffusion take place?
Diffusion can take place in gases and liquids.
When does a diffusion gradient occur?
When there is a difference in the number of molecules or concentration of molecules between two regions
_________ is very important in the movement of molecules and ions in and out of the cell.
Explain an example of diffusion in humans
Diffusion occurs in lungs.Carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood where it is at higher concentration into the lungs where it's concentration is lower.
Give an example of diffusion in amoeba.
In amoeba waste such as ammonia are at a higher concentration in the cell than in it's surrounding environment-water.Hence ammonia diffuses from the cell into the surrounding medium.
Why is diffusion also important in digestion?
Some of the products in digestion are aborbed from ileum (small intestines)of mammals by diffusion.
How does diffusion help plants?
Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.This diffuses from the air into the leaves through the stomata.This is because carbon dioxide is in a higher concentration ouside the leaves therefore it moves into the leaves where it is in a lowerconcentration
The net movement of molecules (usually water) from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a selectively permeable membrane is called..
Selectively permeable means..
only water and some substances can pass through the membrane but other substances cannot.
There are three types of processes that facilitate movement in different organisms,they are..
diffision,osmosis and active transport.