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(final part.)
呀 ya
advance, enter, to come in
進 jìn
fast, quick, swift
快 kuài
(v) come in
進來 jìnlai
to come
來 lái
to present, introduction, to introduce
介紹 jièshào
(used after a verb, indicating that the duration of the action is short, or that one is trying out something
一下 yí xià
happy, glad, willing (to do something), in a cheerful mood
高興 gāoxìng
pretty, beautiful
漂亮 piàoliang
to sit, to take a seat, to take (a bus, airplane etc.)
坐 zuò
(located) at, in, exist
在 zài
哪兒 nǎr
job, work, construction, work, task
工作 gōngzuò
學校 xuéxiào
to drink
喝 hē
a little
點兒 diǎnr
tea, tea plant
茶 chá
咖啡 kāfēi
啤酒 píjiǔ
wine, liquor, spirits
酒 jiǔ
(onomat.), (modal particle indicating polite suggestion), ...right?, ...OK?
吧 ba
to want, to have a desire for
要 yào
cup, a measure word
杯 bēi
可樂 kělè
can, may, possible, able to
可以 kěyǐ
I'm sorry, pardon me, forgive me
對不起 duìbuqǐ
to, for, for the benefit of, to give, to allow, to do something (for somebody), (passive particle) / to supply, provide
給 gěi
water, river
水 shuǐ
to play
玩兒 wánr
圖書館 túshūguǎn
bottle, (a measure word), vase, pitcher
瓶 píng
一起 yìqǐ
(v) chat
聊天(兒) liáo tiān(r)
not until (indicating that the time is late or has been long
才 cái
回家 huí jiā
to return
回 huí