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describes parameters of your covered & non-covered parameters; defines what your coverage is
accident which results in some bodily harm & occurred at some specific point & time
overuse or chronic injury (most times not covered by insurance)
official documentation of an injury with the insurance company
company which insures the individual
Primary Insurance Policy
carrier who insures you first
Secondary Insurance Policy
Kicks in when primary doesn't cover all costs
E.O.B. (Explanation of benefits)
explains what was charged & then was was paid
Amnt. of $ which is the insured person's responsibility (from $0-?), pay up front; similar to a co-pay
the place that charges you; point of service (hospital, Dr.'s office)
$ figure you pay to have the insurance policy
Medical Insurance
contract between a policy holder & an insurance company; reimburse a % of the cost of the policy holder's medical bills
Health Insurance
contract between a policy holder & an insurance company; designed to reimburse the cost of preventative as well as corrective health care
Athletic accident Insurance
Designed to reimburse medical vendors for the expenses associated with acute, specific, athletic injuries
Catastrophic insurance
type of accident insurance designed to provide life long medical, rehabilitation, & disability benefits for the victims of devastating injury
circumstances or situations not covered
supplementary clause (added on to a base/existing policy) - extends your coverage
Safety Net
extra insurance, excess moneys available to cover unforseeable accident that isn't otherwise covered
Dental Injury
injury to sound natural teeth
Death & Dismemberment schedule
offers payment, to the family in a case of death during activity
a legal wrong
to act or a failure to act that a reasonably prudent person would or would not have done in a similar situation