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How is the FAF identified on an ILS?
Glideslope intercept at published altitude.
How is the FAF identified on a non-precision approach?
Maltese cross.
What is a Clearence Void time?
Issued by ATC when departing into Uncontrolled airspace. ATC must be informed within 30 minutes if the flight did not depart.
What are the IFR fuel requirements?
You must have enough fuel to fly to the intended airport, fly to the alternate and then 45 minutes thereafter.
How wide is the the localizer?
4 to 6 degrees wide(usually 5 degrees).
How much more sensitive is a localizer as compared to a VOR?
4 time greater.
How sensitive is the Localizer at the outer marker, Middle marker, Threshhold?
OM- 1 dot=300'
MM- 1 dot=100'
Thresh hold whole signal= 700'
When Flying a back-course localizer approach, what should the pilot know when using a HSI?
An HSI tuned to the front course will always indicate NORMAL sensing.
How wide is full scale deflection on the Glide Slope?
full Scale= 1.4 degrees
How sensitive is the Glide Slope at the OM,MM ?
Outer Marker 1 dot= 50'
Middle Marker 1 dot= 8'
Where is a Glide Slope antena located?
1000' down the runway from the Thresh hold.
How should a pilot cross check the accuracy of the glideslope?
Check intercept altitude at FAF.
What is the Frequency of the Marker Becon and how does the pilot use the low/high switch?
Broadcasts at 75MHz.
Set LOW for greater accuracy at MM
Set High for suspicious signal or early warning at MM.