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What is RAID?
Redundant Array Independent Disk/Drives
How does RAID Level 1 manage data?
Uses disk mirroring, a ->a1, b->b1.
How does RAID Level 5 manage data?
Works across 3 or more drives using parity and dividing backup storage on each drive.
Describe 3 server form factors.
Blade, Rack, Tower.
Name 3 roles or jobs that servers can perform.
Email, Storage, Web, Applications, Proxy, Database, Chat.
Whay would a server need ECC memory solutions?
Tests/verifies accuracy of date at the bit level. Error correcting code.
Name 5 differences between a server and a desktop.
1.Desktop- sound, Server -no sound. 2.Desktop only 1, maybe 2 processors, Server- many processors. 3.Dktp- less memory, Srvr big memory, 4.Dktp- runs less time, Srvr- 24/7/365. 5. Desktop- ATA only, Server- SCSI.
What are questions you could ask a client who has a server need?
What are you using it for? What are your space requirements? Replacement or addition? How many users? What level of redundancy? Gov't compliance requirements?
What are the following terms acronym/definition: DAS, NAS, SAN.
DAS- Direct Attach Storage- method for conn data strg dev to computers directly. NAS- Network Attached Storage- hard disk storage dev that is set up w/ its own network address rather than being attached dir to comp serving apps or files to a network's users. SAN- Storage Area Network-dedicated network that is separate from LANs and WANs. It generally serves to interconnect the storage-related resources that are connected to one or more servers.
Name the 2 major UPS manufacturers that work with Insight.
A.P.C. and Tripplite.
What's the diff between a UPS and a surge protector?
UPS- uniterruptable Power Supply continues to provide power after a primary supply outage. Surge Protector- device that protects computers from excessive voltage and and current in the power line.
Define the following power terms: Sag/brownout, Power surge, Blackout or power failure, Spike.
Sag/brownout- shor period of low voltage often caused by an unusually heavy demand for power. Surge- sudden increase in voltage. Blackout- total power failure. Spike- marked increase in voltage and amperage followed by lighting or catastrophic power failures.
3 form facors for notebooks.
Desktop Replacement, Thin and Light, Ultra Portable, Tablet.
Bundle of processor, chip set, and wireless card designed by Intel for notebook computers.
5 Questions for client interested in purchasing a notebook.
1. What are you using it for?
2. Travel?
3. Security needs?
4. Desktop repl? Bling?
5. How important is speed?
Name at least 5 accessories you could attach to a notebook quote.
Carrying Case, Batteries, Warranty, Adapters, Port Replication, Memory, Mouse, Keyboard, Car Charger.
2 Mfrs of PDA's.
Palm, HP, Symbol, Dolphin, Garmin, Sandisk, Sharp.
3 Diff between "desktop repl" and "ultra portable" notebook.
Size, Weight, Optical drive-d.r. yes, ultra no, Proc speed- d.r. fast, ultra slow, Batt life- d.r. less, ultra more, screen/keyboard size d.r. big, ultra small.
What is diff between switch and router?
1.Switch- Level2 intel, Router Level3. 2. Switch filters and forwards packets, Router routes packets along networks. Switch passes info to LAN, Router works between LANs.
Hardware and software components designed to protect a private comp from unauthorized access, establishes access control policies, limits incoming and outgoing traffic.
3 wireless LAN standards?
802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g
What is VPN?
Virtual Private Network- a network constructed by using public wires to connect nodes. Tunneling through internet, secured and encrypted.
Which media layer does data move when using a router?
Layer 3.
Define network cables: UTP, STP, Coaxial, Fiber Optic.
UTP- unshielded twisted pair, low cost cable used extensively for LANs and telephone conn. STP- shielded twisted pair, copper telephone wiring in which wires are coated and grounded, often used for Ethernet networks. Coax- center copper wire surrounded by insulation and separate conductor, primary cable used for cable TV and comp networks. Fiber Optic- glass or plastic threads used to transmit data, bundle of threads using light pulses, much more bandwidth than metal cables, digital not analog.
3 Advantages of email security solution that Insight offers.
Offsite storage, Extremely affordable, Addresses SPAM problem, Minimizes network risk and loss of productivity.
5 Questions to ask client about email security.
Regulatory compliance?
Can you afford not to?
How much productivity lost to handling SPAM?
Universal Serial Bus, external bus standard that supports data transfer rates of 12Mbps. Used to connect peripheral devices such as mouse, modems, keyboards, memory sticks, etc.
What is a tape drive resp for on a network?
Archival backup and storage.
A removable drive is..
CD ROM, floppy, USB drive, can be moved from comp to comp.
Wide Area Network-
4 Things req to build a network?
1. NIC
2. Software
3. Cables
4. Devices
Network Interface Card- expansion board you insert in a computer so the computer can be connected to a network