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o: ox occ por, uchal line, 7th c and 12t spinous processes
i: p borter of later third of clavicle, acromion, p border of scapular spine
lat dorsi
O: aponeurosis of lumbrodorsal fascia, spinous of lower 6 t vertebra
I: bicipital groove
serratus post inf
O: sp of t11-L2
I:ribs 9-12
serratus post sup
O:sp of c7-t2
I: ribs 2-5
rhomboid maj
O: sp t2-t5
I: med scapula from scapular spine to inf. angle
rhomboid min
O: spinous c7 t1 nuchal, supraspinous lig
I: medial margin of scapula and medial angle
levator scapulae
O:tp c1-3
I: sup angle of scapula
o first rib
i lower surface of clavicle
pec major
o medial 1/3 of clavicle, anterior of sternum, upper 6 ribs, external oblique aponeurosis
i lateral lip of bicipital groove to crest of greater tubercle
pec minor
o outer surface of ribs 3-5
i medial aspect of coracoid process
levator scapulae
o transverse process of c1-3
i superior angle of scpula toward scacpular spine
rhomboid minor
o spinous process of c7 and t1, ligamentum nuchae, supraspinous ligament
i medial margin of scapula at medial angle
rhomboid major
o spinous process of t2-t5, supraspinous ligament
i medial scapula from the scapular spine to the inferior angle
serratus anterior
o upper 8 or 9 ribs
i costal aspect of medial margin of scapula
o lateral, anterior 1/3 of distal clavicle, lateral border of acromion, scapular spine
i deltoid tuberosity of humerus
o supraspinous fossa
i uppermost greater tubercle
o infraspinous fossa
i middle facet of greater tubercle
teres minor
o middle half of scapula lateral margin
i lowest 3 facets of greater tubercle
teres major
o inferior lateral margin of scapula
i crest of lesser tubercle
o subscapular fossa
i lesser tubercle of humerus
splenius capitis
o lower portion of lig nuchae, spinous processes of c3-t3
splenius cervicis
o spinous process t3-6
i posterior tubercle of transverse processes c2-4
semispinalis cervicis
o tp of t1-6
i sp of c2-t5
semispinalis capitus
o tp of t1-6, articular of c4-7
i bt sup and inf nuchal lines
o laminae
i sp 2-4 levels above
o tp
i sp above
o coracoid of scapula
i medial shaft of humerous at middle
o long head is supraglenoid tubercle and glenohumeral labrum and short head is tip of coracoid
i radial tuberosity, bicipital aponeurosis
o lower half of ant humerus
i ulnar tuberosity, coranoid process of ulna
o long head is infraglenouid tubercle, lateral head is upper half of post of humerus and medial head is post shaft of humerus distal to radial groove
o post surface of lateral epicondyle
i lateral aspect of olecranon
pronator teres
o humoral head is upper portion of medial epicondyle, ulnar head is coronoid process of ulna
i lateral aspect of radius at middle of shaft
o medial epicondyle
i base of 2nd metacarpal
palmaris longus
o medial epicondyle
i center of flexor retinaculum
o humeral head is medial epicondyle and ulnar head is medial of olecranon
i pisiform and hamate
o medial epicondyle
i base of each phalanx of fingers 4
o ant and medial surfice of upper ulna
i distal phalanx of 4 digits
o middle of radius
i plamar aspect of base at distal phalanx of thumb
pronator quadratus
o distal surface of ulna
i distal surface of radius
o upper lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus
i superior of styloid process, lateral sdie of distal half of radius
o loweral lateral supracondylar ridge
i base of 2nd metacarpal
o lateral epi
i base of 3rd metacarpal
o lateral epi
i base of middle phalans of each of 4 fingers, base of distal phalanx of 4 fingers
o lateral epi
i base of middle and distal phalanx of 5th digit
o first head lat epi, 2nd head post body of ulna
i medial side of base of 5th metacarpal
o lateral epi
i proximal radius
o post ulna and radius
i lateral base of 1st metacarpal
o post surface of radius below apl
i base of proximal phalanx of thumb
o post surface of ulna
i distal phalanx of thumb
extensor indicis
o post surface of ulna
i base ofmiddle and distal phalanx of index finger
abductor pollicis brevis
o distal border of flexor retinaculum
i lateral aspect of base of proximal phalanx of thumb
flexor pollicis brevis
o floor of carpal tunnel
i base of proximal phalanx of thumb
opponens pollicis
o trapezium
i lateral 1st metacarpal
palmar interossei
o from side of metacarpla that faces midline
i base of proximal phalanx of digit of origin
dorsal interossei
o bt each metacarpal
i distal to rigin at base of proximal phalanx closest to midline
o tendon of fdp
i extensor hood of digits 2-5