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50% N2o (1:1 with other gas) increases volume of a bubble how much?
50% n2o --> Double volume
75% n2o --> Quadruple volume
What is the MAC of halothane?
In which procedures/situations should you avoid N2O?
Ear tympamoplasty
Air Embolism
Closed eyeball surgery (esp. with injected air)
Closed head surgery
Factors that increase MAC
"College student - Salty young man, drinks all the time, just tried crack/meth this one time"

Young, CHRONIC ETOH, ACUTE cocaine/meth, Increased Na+,
Factors that decrease MAC
Old, hypo/hyperthermia, ACUTE ETOH, Anemia, Po2<40, PACO2>95, Map <40, Decreased Sodium, Increased Calcium, PREGNANCY
How does Low BP affect speed of gas uptake?
Low BP means high Fa/Fi, so quicker uptake. Since the blood if going slowly through the alveoli, there is time for a high conc. to build up in the alveoli.