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Acceptable use policy
a policty that a user must agree to follow in order to be provided access toa netowrk or to the internet
software that generates ads that install themselves on a coputer when a person downloads some other program from teh internet
Anti-spam policy
states that e-mail users will not send unsolicited e-mails.
A method for confirming users' identification
the process of giving someone permission to do or have something
Backdoor Program
viruses that open a way into the netowrk for future attacks
the identification of a user based on a physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint, iris, face, voice, or handwriting
Black-hat tracker
breaks into other people's computer systems and may just look aroudn or steal and destroy information
records information about a customer during a web surfing sesson such as waht websites were visited, how long the visit was, what ads wer viewed, and what was purchased
the assurance that messages and information are available only to those who are authorized to view them
Content filtering
occurs when orgs use sofware that filters content to prevent the trnasmission of unathorized information
A small file deposited on a hard drive by a web site containing information abotu customers and their web activities
the legal protection afforded an expression of an idea such as a song video game and soem types of proprietary documents
Counterfeit software
software that is manufactured to look like the real kthing and sold as such
a hacker with criminal intent
seeks to cause harm to peopel or to destroy critical systems or infomration and sue the internet as a weapon of mass desturction
Denial-of-service attack DoS
floods a website with so many request for service tha tit slows down or crashed the site
Distributed denial-of-service attack
attachs from multiple computers that flood a web site with so many request for servcie tha tit slows down or crashes
Elevation of privilege
process by which a user misleads a system into granting unauthorized rights, usually for the puropose of compromising or destorying the system
E-mail privacy policy
details the exten tot which e-mail m3essages may be rad by others
scrambles information into an alternative form that requires a key or password to decrypt the info
policies and procedures that address the thical use of computers and internet usage int he business environement
Ethical computer use policy
contains general principles to guide coputer user behavior
principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people
Fair use doctrine
in certain situations, it is legal to use copyrighted material.
hardware and or software tat guards a private network by analyzing the inforation leaving and entern the network
people very knoledgeable about computers who use their knowledge to invade tother people's computers
person with philosophical and plitical reasons for breakign into systems and will often deface thw ebsite as a protest.
Hardware key logger
a hardwar device that caputres keystrokes on their journey from the keyboard to the motherboard
attak computer systems by transmitting a virus hoax, with a real virus attached
Identity Theft
the foging of someone's identity for th purpose of fraud
Information privacy policy
contains general principles regarding nifomration privacy
Infomation security
a broad term encompassing the protectino of infomratino from accidental or intentional misuse by persons inside or outside an org
Information security plan
details how an organization will implement the informatino security policies
Information security policies
identifies the rules re3qurd to maintain information security
infomration technology monitoring
tracking people's activities by such measures as number of keystrokes, error rate, and number of transactions processed
legitimate users who purposely or accidentally misue their access to the environment and cause some kind of business affecting incident
Intellectual property
intangible creative work that is embodied in physical form
Internet use policy
contains general principles to guide the proper use of the internet
Intrusion detection software
searches out patterns in information and network traffic to indicate attacks and quickly respons to prevent any harm
Key logger software
a program that when installed ona cmputer records every keystroke and mouse click
mail bomb
sends a massive amont of e-mail to a specivid person or system r4esulit in fillin up the recipiens diskspace, which, in some cases may be too much for the server to handle and may cause the sr4ver to stop functioning
Malicious code
includes a variety of threas such as viruses, worms, and trojan horses
a contractual stipulation to ensure that e-business praticipants do not deny their online actions
Packet tampering
alterin the contenst of packets as they trqavel over th internet or aleting data on computer disks after penetrating a network
techinque to gain personal infomration for the purpose of identity theft, usually by means of fradulent e-mail
Pirated software
the unatutrized use, dupication, distribution, or sale of copyrgithed software
Polymorphic virus and worm
change their form as they propagate
the righ to be l3eft alone when you want5 to be, to have contyrol over your own peronal posessesions, and not to be observed without your consent5
Public key encryption
encryption system that uses two keys: a public key that everyon can have and private key for only the recipient
Script kiddies or script bunnies
faind hacking code onthe internet and click and piont their way into systems to cause damage or spr4ead viruses
Smart card
a device that is aroudn th same size a s a credit card, caontainig embedded technologies that can store infomration and small amounts of software to perform some limeitec processing
a program or devide that can monitor dta traveling over a network
Social engineering
using ones socieal skills t5o trick peopl into revealin access credentials or tohe rinfo valuable to the attacker
unsolicited e-mail
the forgin of the return address on an e=mail so that the e-mail message appears to come from someone other than the actgual sender
sofware tha come hidden in free downlaodsable sofware and tracks online movements, mines the info stored ona computer, or uses a computers CPU and storage for some task the user knows nothing about
small electronic devices that change user passworkd automatically
Trojan-horse virus
hides inside other sofware, usually as an attachment or a downloadable file
software written with maicious intent to cause annoyance or damage
Web Log
consist5s of one line of infomration for every visitor to a web site and isuauly sotred ona web server
White-hat hacker
works at the request of the system owner to find system vulnerablilties an plug the holes
a type of virus that spread itself, not only from fil to file, but also from computer to computer