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Who were the first five presidents?
Jim Allen, Christy Blaine, Jeffrey Kryder, Jerrt Guthrie, Gary Cox
What is the Randolf E. Mozley award?
outstanding graduate brother who exemplifies the fact that “phi gamma delta is not for college alone”
Who, how, and when were our first athletic points scored?
Monday Oct 9, 1967 vs. BSU in football. Mike Leonardto Morris Brashaw pass. final score (25-0)
What is Kappa Deuteron’s official publication?
What is the International fraternity’s official Publication?
The Phi Gamma Delta
What is the official fraternity color?
royal purple
What is the official fraternity flower? When adopted?
Purple Clematis, 1924-1925 Ekklesia
Who said “I am a live FIJI from a dying chapter?”
Rector Robert Y. Barber (Roanoke 1902)
Know the Doxology
Bless our Fraternity, Heaven grant thy peace,
Lead on to victory, Her Strength increase,
Long may our Delta Reign, in unity,
Oh! Guard and save our dear Fraternity.
What is the Latin Motto of the fraternity?
“Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter”
What does this Latin Motto mean?
Firmly, Faithfuly, Felicitously
Where can the Greek letters be displayed?
Official badge and seal, certificates of membership, flag, memorials to members, class rings, marker on chapter house
When was our fraternity founded? Where?
April 22, 1848. Jefferson College
When do we celebrate our finding and why?
May 1. The constitution was adopted on May 1, 1848
What is the Ronald M. Hudson?
brother who best exemplifies the ideals of phi gamma delta