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What are the 5 influences of emotional reactions?
1)Cognitive Appraisal
2)Motor Expression
3)Physiological Response
4)Motivation/Readiness to act
5)Subjective Experiences
Describe Cognitive Appraisal.
The way you think and react depend on:
-world experience
-memory of past experiences
-the concept of cause & effect, especially in relating to relationships
Describe Motor Expression.
The face, which is the primary expressionist, and the hands are the most heavily innervated.
-vocal response
The emotion are expressed via motor actions.
Can the motor expression influence the emotion?
Calm breathing helps calm and walking helps organize higher cognitive func, for ex.
Describe Physiological Response.
This is when the autonomic nervous system kicks in.
The sympathetic (flight & fight) take over
-state of alertness
-heavy breathing
-clinched fingers/fist
Describe Motivation/Readiness to act.
this is about self-regulation.
We emotionally motivate to self regulate by
-self talk
-self distract
-manipulation of of an object (chewing on a pencil)
-removing self from situation
Why is it important to be able to self motivate?
the more you can self motivate, then you can clear the emotional self to be able to continue w/the goal; ability to cope.
Staying stuck in an emotion interferes w/learning.
Describe Subjective Experience.
When none of the other four fit the situation, then the pt's expressed emotions are a reaction to a unique experience.
What are the 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence?
1 Knowing feeling in reality based time
2 Managing emotions (self regulation)
3 Motivating self (continue w/goal despite the emotion)
4 Recognize emotions in others and act accordingly
5 With emotional intelligence, relationships are better handled.