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PMN adhesion molecules?
What activates adhesion molecules
LTB4, C5a, IL-8
What effect will catecholamines, Li, and CS have on adhesion molecules?
Inhibits activation, therefore get increase # in peripheral blood
Endothelial cell adhesion molecules?
What mediates activation of endothelial cell adhesion molecules?
IL-1 and TNF
Infant presents with severe gingivitis, poor wound healing, leukocytosis. What this the defect / disorder / other finding?
LAD - AR disorder due to
1) B2-Integrin disorder (CD11a:CD18)

Delayed seperation of umbilical cord (>1mo) - PMNs are impt in cord seperation

2) Selectin (that bind PMN) deficinecy
Where is the O2-dependent MPO system found?
PMNs and monocytes, NOT macrophages
Difference in DZ presentation between infection with Cat+ and Cat- organism in GCD?
Cat+: NAPHD oxidase absent, therefore NO O2 to Superoxide conversion, therfore NO superoxide to H202 conversion by SOD. Since cat+, the organism will degrade the H202 before in can be combined with Cl by MPO to make bleach.

Cat-: Even rep burst absent, can still use h202 in cell + cl = bleach
O2 independent killing?
Lactoferrin binds iron necessary for bacterial reproduction

Major basic protein from eosin that is toxic to helminths
Outline the metabolism of AA?
Cell membrane phospholipids
(Phospholipase A2)
LTC4 D4 E4 = vessel permeabil
2. (COX)
PGE2 = pain, fever
a. (Thromboxane synthase)
TXA2 = Vasoconstriction
b. (Prostacyclin synthase)
PGI2 = Vasodilation
Role of fever in Hb-dissoc curve?
R shift curve making more O2 available for Resp. burst / MPO killing
Identify plasma cell on slide?
Eccentric nucleus with perinuclear clearing
G1 phase
Mosat variable phase of celll cycle
Syn of RNA, protein, organelles, and cyclin D
G2 phase
Syn of tubulin necessary for M phase
Most critical phase in cell cycle?
G1 to S phase
Controlled by RB and P53