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The teacher passed out all the tests back to the students. Some students were smilling.
Some students did well on the test.
"Be sure to wear you warm coat," advised Mom. "It is very cold outside.
It is the winter season.
Michael sat on the bed reading the comics. Soon his brother heard him laughing.
The comics were very funny.
Anthony rolled over and opened his eyes. It was already 7:30 on Monday. He jumped out of bed quickly and got dressed. No breakfast today!
It was morning time and he was late for school.
My pet is big black and very loud. Sometimes my neighbors complain because he barks all night long.
The pet is a dog.
"Ouch I've got a splinter in my finger," complained Megan "I guess I shouldn't of climbed over the fence."
The fence is made of wood.
She had on a red bathing suit and was carrying a beach towel.
She was going to spend the day at the beach.
The room was decoreated with ballons and on the table was a decoreated cake that read, "Today John is ten!"
It is John's birthday party.
"I have a test today," sighed Lisa. "I'm going to have to practice long division before tomorrow."
The test is in math.
Samantha took a bit of the Hershey's candy bar and smiled.
She loves chocolate.