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What are the eight catorgies of pathogens
virus, clamydiae, rickettsia, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, helminths
Define pyogenic.
pus causing
What is special about clamydiae, rickettsiae, mycoplasmas?
they are obligate intracellular pathogens
What is kuku?
spongiform encephalopathy caused by prion protein leads to human cannibalism
What happens to normal PrP to make them a pathogen?
The PrP undergoes a conformational change making it resistant to proteases
Which respiratory virus is ds?
What does chlamydiae cause?
GU infections, conjunctivitis in newborns, respiratory, STDs
What does rickettsiae cause?
rocky mountain spotted fever, q fever ehrlichiosis, scrub typhus
What do mycoplamsas cause?
atypical pneumonia, nongonococcal urethritis
Where do fungal infection infect in skin?
superficial layer
What is a protozoa?
a parasitic, single-celled organisms with motility, pliable plasma membranes, and complex cytoplasmic organelles
What is giardia lamblia?
a protozoa causing diarrhea and malabsorption
What is trichomonas vaginalis?
a protozoa causing urethritis and vaginitis
What are the three types of helminth patogens?
roundworms, flatworms, flukes
What does vacterial virulence depend on?
ability to adhere, invade and deliver toxic moieties
What is one bacteria that causes suppurative inflammation?
pneumococcal pneumonia
What does pneumococcal pneumonia cause?
suppurative inflammation with vasc perm and neutrophils
What two things happen in granulomatous inflammation?
MG go to epithiloid cells and form giant cells
What can cause necrotizing inflammation?
clostridium perferinges
What does clostridium perferinges cause?
necrotizing inflammation
What can cause chronic inflammation with scarring?
schistosoma haematosbium
What does schistosoma haematosbium cause?
chronic inflammation