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What is the preferred specimen for anaerobe cultures?
How should wounds be swabbed for anaerobic culture?
-Not on superficial skin
-Not on mucosal surfaces
What are normal flora on the skin?
What are pathogens in wounds and abscesses?
-Staph aureus
What pathogens cause human bite wounds?
1. Streptococci
2. Anaerobes
3. Eikenella
What pathogens cause animal bite wounds?
1. Pasteurella multocida
2. Staph aureus
What 3 bugs cause skin infections?
1. Staph aureus
2. Strep groups
3. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
5 organisms that cause Diabetic foot ulcers:
Staph aureus, Enterobacteria
Pseudomonas, Strep pyogenes, anaerobes - poor circulation.
What are decubitus ulcers?
bed sores
what cause bedsores?
Aerobes/anaerobes, multiple isolates.
What causes impetigo?
Strep pyogenes
Staph aureus
What causes erysipelas?
Strep pyogenes
What causes cellulitis?
Strep pyogenes
Staph aureus exfoliatve toxin
What is the difference between erysipelas and cellulitis?
The border of erysipelas is sharply demarcated, in cellulitis it is not.
What causes folliculitis?
In what skin region?
Staph aureus, in hairy areas with persistent friction.
What infectious bacteria causes dermatitis?
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Where is dermatitis obtained with P aeruginosa?
Whirpools, hot tubs.
What agents cause infections in traumatic freshwater injuries?
1. Aeromonas hydrophila
2. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
What are Vesicles?
Blisterlike lesions filled with fluid - bacterial or viral
what are Bullae?
Large blebs, blisters in or under epidermis.
What are bullae often associated with?
What organisms may be associated with Bullae when other indications are present?
1. Staph aureus
2. Strep pyogenes
3. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
4. other gnb, Clostridia, viruses.
What causes draining sinuses?
Deep seated infections
What 3 conditions cause draining sinuses often?
1. Osteomyelitis
2. Recurrent breast abscesses
3. Implanted foreign items
What 2 organisms are associated with draining sinuses?
1. Actinomycosis
2. Mycetoma
What are fistulas?
abnormal connections between 2 surfaces, or between hollow viscus/exterior.
What is an icky example of a fistula?
Connection between intestine and vagina.
What 5 organisms often cause infections in burn patients?
1. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
2. Streps, staph aureus, epi
3. Enterics
4. Yeasts
5. Sometimes anaerobes