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True or False: To date, there has been no documentation of dental disease to patients resulting from contaminated instruments or surfaces .
A dental assistant rips her glove on a bur while assisting a dental procedure. Her blood drops in the mouth of the patient. This is example of _________contact from DHCW to patient.
A patient accidentally spits on the DHCW. This is an example of cross-contamination of _________to________ by ______contact
Patient to dental worker by direct contact.
Cleansing inside of the dental unit water lines and/or using a new and separate source of water for dental procedures is an example of preventing cross-contamination from________to __________
Community to patient
Name the reason why DHCW is most likely to infect patients.
Not following proper procedures
Name the triple childhood immunization to prevent infection from puncture wounds, diptheria and pertussis
Clostridium tetani causes_______
What is not typical of the flu but more typical of the common cold?
a. abrupt fever
b. sore throat
c. extreme fatigue
d. headache
True or False: Tetanus is a preventable disease.
Identify 3 reasons why dental offices do not comply with CDC guidelines for HBV
cost, safety, privacy-related issues, lack of education, do not perceive the need
Name three groups that are at high risk for the flu.
Person with asthma, person with compromising medical conditions, person receiving chemotherapy, pregnant woman.
Which age group is most likely to experience lower post vaccination antibody titers and remain susceptible to disease after vaccination?
Elderly over age 65 with chronic diseases
Name four ways Hepatitis B can be transmitted.
1.percutaneous 2.permucosal, 3. sexual contact, 4. mother to fetus or infant. (can be semen, tears, feces, urine, vaginal, saliva, blood).
Name the vaccine for Hepatitis B
Recombivax or Energix-B
The risk for developing chronic HBV is greatest for what age group?
Infants infected at birth
The best protection against hepatitis B (HBV) is_______
Is screening to determine previous exposure to HBV recommended before vaccination?
Usually, the only reason there may be a problem in using a community water supply in the dental office is if the community has ordered the water to be boiled. True or false?
_________is described as the number of microorganisms that invade the body.
True or False: In determinants of infectious disease, we can control the resistance and the virulence but not the dose of the microorganisms a person is exposed to.
False, we can only control the dose.
The resistance of our body's defense mechanisms against disease is called __________
Which are the determinants of infectious diseases? Dose, resistance, virulence, or gram positive staining
Dose, resistance and virulence.
How often is a tetanus booster recommended?
Every 10 years
True or False? Hepatitis B is defined as a bloodborne pathogen and can be found only in blood and blood products.
False, can also be found in saliva, semen, etc.
What is transmitted by dirt or puncture wounds?
Go to work today?. 103F fever, intense headache, extreme tiredness and hacking cough tell you to do what? Choices: Take a cold medicine and go to work or stay home?
Stay home. You have influenza which is very contagious
________are the best way to prevent influenza
LAIV is acronymn for___________
Live attenuated (weakened) influenza virus
List reasons given by dental offices for not complying with CDC guidelines for HBV.
cost, safety, privacy related issues, lack of education, do not perceive the need
You are the infection control officer for your dental office. Where will you go to get the most updated guideline? Failure to follow their guidelines can result in office shutdown.
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What acronym must be on your safety glasses to assure they are acceptable and safe
ANSI American National Standards Institute
Who regulates the protection of workers in Michigan with even stricter guidelines than OSHA
OSHA and MIOSHA protect:

workers or patients?
Which organization makes recommendation for infection control and products?
American Dental Association
Which organization regulates the manufacture and labeling of medical devices?
Food and Drug Administration FDA